Friday, May 1, 2015

Sharpening jig is finished

Finally, there was not much left to do, but it competed with other priorities :-)

So here are my first pics with the new camera

I had to slightly enlarged one hole with a file to be able to fit in my jigsaw blade

The jigsaw made quick work of cutting thru it.
For the record that was the only power tool used in this project :-)

After a quick clean up with files, the bar was shorten with my Buck Rogers hacksaw.

Drilled a hole with my Buck Rogers hand drill and installed hardware.
Even had time to finish my afternoon tea :-)

Gave it a quick test drive, work just as advertised. I did not yet put on a bar to secure it in some sort of vise, will wait until I build my sharpening station and see how it goes.

So now next project is my sharpening set up. I have a few ideas, but nothing quite gelled in Jello yet... Will start with some auxiliaries project first, the next one up to bat is a sharpening platform for three sharpening media (sand paper, oil, waterstones or diamond plates) and set up jigs for my Eclipse style clamp. The last time I used it, the side tightening knob fell apart in my hands, I will need a new one. Not bad considering that one is more than 20 years old! It has seen untold plane irons and chisels in its time with me. I thought of fixing it, would be easy, but the roller got a lot of wear on it, so a new one would be nice.

Years ago, the knob got loose on the shaft, so I drilled a hole and put in a small finishing nail thru it.

This will allow me to get going sharpening until I get around to build some dedicated fixture in a designated spot.

In the mean time here are two pictures I took to play with the auto focus and depth of field.

 Bob, slowly getting acquainted with his new camera.

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