Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Yard work and some more polyurethane coats

It is getting pretty hot and humid around here, quite a shift in weather. Our furnace as been off for a little while, only to be fired a few hours in the morning to take the morning chill off.
Well since yesterday, I think that the AC units will go up soon from their storage...
If we stay here for a while, I can see a heat/cooling pump in our near future...

We had our furnace serviced today, and I figured I better start early to rake the back of the yard and then to cut the grass front and back, before the high temps shows up. By the time I finished, it was about time. Between the heat and the darn mosquitoes, that I have somehow pissed off, I was dreaming of smelling poly fumes in my cool shop...Yes, that bad...:-)

So today, very little shop time except for the occasional rub of another wipe on poly coat. Should be done shortly. Tomorrow and this weekend we have company, so today I am on house clean up duties :-) I don't think that my saw till is gonna see any progress except to make decisions on profile?

Bob, in between bathrooms clean-up :-)

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