Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Plane till No 2 is started

Armed with notes I blog about yesterday, I went for a couple hours to the Base Woodshop.
I needed some more pine, so that's where I usually get it in the rough. Cheap and dependable supply, I should know we buy it ourselves :-)

Brought my No 5 plane with a curved blade in it.  I use a 8 in radius on my scrub, and rely on my winding sticks. It quickly let me deal with twist as required before putting it thru the planer. Why not all by hand? Well I'm at the wood shop surrounded by all the machinery needed, so why not, besides as I mentioned before I'm impatient! (or so I'm told :-) Besides this is not fine furniture this is shop cabinetry, I tend to choose my battles wisely.

Stock is glued up, tomorrow i'll machined it to sizes 

All the dadoes and grooves will be cut at the woodshop, all I would have left is to dovetailed the carcass together.

Once assembled, it will get the same treatment as the other one, primed and painted same color. I gave up trying to make it exactly the same width as the other one in order to mount it under.
Because, it would be a tad low for me, and by putting it on the left hand side flush at the bottom of the other one, the top part will have plenty of room to be dedicated for my upcoming saw till. I have yet to give it more than some passing thought on it, but in the near future, I'll narrow it down to my want/needs and put thought on paper... err I meant I'll enter it into Napkin CAD V1.0 :-)

Bob, who should probably touch up his dovetail saw

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