Monday, May 25, 2015

Revisiting my sharpening station plans

A little while back, I posted about my initial requirements for my upcoming dedicated sharpening station. I have yet to figured out how I am going to keep it to a manageable size to fit in my shop, but I just got a revelation!

While waiting for such a beast to materialize, I built a dedicated sharpening board. I tried hard to keep the size down, in order to keep it portable, but nonetheless, I used it and its always in the way or need to be moved somewhere else around my shop.

In preparation for the joinery work on the saw till, I had to once more moved it, but I want to keep it accessible so it could be used.

With the ongoing paint work that was going on with the plane till No 2, I was running out of flat surface to put it on. That's when I re-discovered a previous unfinished project that fit the bill nicely.
Drawer need finish trimming, it is a bit sticky right now, need a new door to install, my coped door blew a corner (raised panel was a tad too tight fit) and put on the back panel, secure the top, put a finish on it, hardware and Tada!.. Almost done I'll say :-)

It is a bedside table cabinet with one drawer and a bottom door. It just so happened that this is the actual project that we used at the wood shop when we run our yearly course to attract new members.

Yes, some of my brightest ideas comes to me after a beer :-)

We used it to teach them going from rough lumber to finished dimensions, making cut list, gluing up larger boards, rabbet, dado joinery, dovetail (with a router jig, sacrileges! I did mine by hand of course) Coped frame and raise panel door on the shaper.
It is a good intro project to cover a multitude of operations, teach them how to safely used our machinery and keep the cost down.

About 3 years ago, me and a friend decided to go thru the course together, as a way to get ourselves back into the shop and woodworks. It was a fun time, we were the only two male students...and class's clown... well, Dave, not me :-)

My friend is now the vice-president of the club, and I am the secretary, so I guess we stick with it :-)

My sharpening board fit nicely on top and it gives me storage in the drawer for all the small ancillary stuff, like honing guide, jig, angle setter etc.

And the large bottom cabinet could hold my power honer or WS3000, if and whenever I buy them?

It has a couple drawback, first of all, it is a tad low and would kill my back quickly using it standing in front of it. That could be remedied by putting it on wheels and using a chair in front?

It is of course too small to put on grinders and all on it, but I need a place to leave my sharpening board set up, ready to go, so I think I will try that set up for a while, see how it goes.

I can however clamp my small hand grinder on the side of the sharpening board, so I should be all set for a while, until I get around to build a dedicated sharpening station.

Once I do that, I think I may re-purpose this cabinet for a mitre saw station (to accommodate one of my 3 mitre saw boxes)

Bob, getting "inspired" and coming up with new bright ideas...:-)

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