Friday, May 22, 2015

Finishing work on Plane till No 2, then Saw till

The plane till No 2 came out of the clamp pretty good, there is just one spot where I did not see and could have use a clamp to close up my dovetail vertically in one corner, about 1 tails, no biggie, still is plenty square and the dividers lines up, I'm happy.

Today I attend to the  boards for the saw till, glued up some more, should have all my pieces accounted for (?) and made the French cleats for both till cabinets, they are the same width.

A quick touch up with planes follow by a light sanding, will complete the work and it will be ready for its first coat of prime, awaiting its lovely "Inhibited" colour :-)

I also made some more dividers, these 8 I got were my spares for the other till, and one was stained a darker colour, which I did not went for, so, could uses some more.

That is about all I have plan for the day, my back is now killing me....

The last thing to do for the plane till, is the back panel, which would be primed and painted before going on.

Bob, who should have Plane till No 2 up shortly and Saw till will start in earnest soon.


  1. I want to see what you make for a saw till. I have one already but I'm not adverse to making a new one based on a better idea.

  2. Stay tuned, I should have the carcass assembled this week (famous last words :-)
    It is going to be large, 37-1/2 in, but it could easily be sized to whatever dimensions you need. And with that project completed I should pretty well have all my tools at my disposal on this wall...well, still got to do something for boring tools I suppose :-)

    Bob, hoping to be done with his shop re-org in this century...