Saturday, May 23, 2015

Saw till progress

All my required stocks has been glued up, and machined to size, dadoes joinery done, the parts are now back home, awaiting the dovetail joinery and the thru mortise & tenons, rabbets, all to be cut by hand.

My saw till in kit form, some assembly required :-)
In the end, I did not recycle my left over piece from the plane till.
I haven't decided yet what shape I will put on the sides.

In preparation, I cleared the spot on the wall next to the original plane till that started it all

I just put on one of the French cleat resting on 2 screws on the wall, 
to get an idea of the size. Yah, it is going to be big :-)

This is going to be one big wall of tools. I really like the look of it shaping up. I can easily spent a couple beers watching it at the end of the day, to take it all in. Ah, the life of a retiree :-)

Plane till no 2 has been cleaned up, awaiting its coat of primer, then paint.

Must also coat the dividers with finish,.
At the same time, I'll attend to the unfinished ones for the other plane till
 and the joiners plane dividers pieces on the ramp part. 

Managed one last thing on the plane till today, got a new can of primer and started on it
That's when I realized, I somehow forgot about making the back piece today, oops!

Who says weekly flyers are no longer useful?

Joinery is next
- Dovetail bottom of till
- Thru mortise for back rails
- Rabbets for back boards
- Dry fit
- Glue up

- Make beaded boards for back

- Make 3 drawers (thru & half-blind dovetails)
- Make handle rest board
- Make saw kerfs boards (2) (oak)
- Make backing board (ply) for behind drawers

- Prime & paint
- Install French cleats
- Put up on the wall, done!

Well, that would be done for that project, there are a few more coming up...

Bob, starting to see the end of his shop re-organization...maybe :-)

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