Thursday, May 14, 2015

Saw till preliminary design considerations

Since finalizing my Plane till No 2, I have my outside dimension for my envisioned saw till.  36-1/2 in wide X 29-1/2 high

First lets figured out what I want to store inside.
Handsaws, separated by Hardwood and Softwood categories.
Then within each category, separated between Rip cut and Cross cut, in various PPIs.
If this sound a tad convoluted, blame Ron Herman  :-)
I get the perfect excuse to keep at hands probably between 12 and 16 handsaws, thanks Ron!
Joke asides the idea is to tweak each specific saw for a particular job in a type of wood. You get to experiences sawing Nirvana that way...Let me know how it is, will yah? :-)

So lets go thru my coll...errr...I meant assortment of saws to play with, to figured out which one's to keep. I'm still trying to downsize don't you know! :-)

My current Handsaw's till hold 12. But there are more in the garage :-)

2 of them, one Cross cut and one Rip are located within reach of my saw bench.
They rotate back and forth to the saw till on the wall as required.

My growing collection of Mitre boxes. 
Currently have 3, which should be enough,
 unless I come across a Langdon or Stanley mitre box? :-)

My primary Backsaws (5) which I am planing on re-cutting their teeth
and tuning them for specific applications. Why? Because I can :-)

My small dovetail saw spend its days going back and forth between 
my tool chest and my bench wall

These two small back saws, I haven't decided yet where they would live

Then there are a variety of smaller specialized saws, Fret, Coping, Jeweller, Pad etc, etc
These I will probably keep inside my Snap-On tool chest

So I am being a good boy, and got it down to 12 handsaws,
who says paring down is hard? :-)

My current hand saw till hold 12 handsaws (coincidences? :-) within 19 in of space.
Next what about backsaws? I still got room to fill
That would be a good place to protect my miter boxes saw when not in use,
so make room for 3, maybe 4
Then the various others from large tenon to small dovetail, another 6

If I get the room, I would like to add some small drawers for the specialized saw maintenance equipment; files, screwdrivers, saw sets etc.

So there we have it, my first iteration in Napkin CAD V1.0
I may be a tad optimistic in fitting 12 handsaws plus 9 backsaws side by side, so if need be I 'll reduce the numbers of backsaws to only my miter boxes saws (4 slots) and keep my current back saws holder.

1st quick sketch of how I first envisioned the saw till and how it fit besides the plane tills

With my longest handsaws being roughly 28 plus inches and my largest miter box saw about 30 inches, there isn't really any room to put drawers at the bottom...unless I'm willing to let it extend past the top of the large plane till. Not sure yet.

Maybe i'll try mock ups to get a better feel on how I want to proceed.
I must also figured out the optimal spacing between each saws. My current saw till contained 12 within 19 inches, it is a bit crowded.
I should also come up with some sort of system to keep my saws, not only segregated between hardwood and Softwood, but easy to spot which is which. Some sort of colour code systems perhaps?

So off I go gathering stuff for mocking up some of the details.. more to follow when I got it all figured out. In the mean time if you have any suggestions., I'm listening!

Bob, hoping to finish his plane till No 2 soon

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