Sunday, May 31, 2015

Going thru the Punch List...

Every time you juggle numerous projects at once, you are going to leave some small details for later for the sake of expediency. And even if you, by some miracle, managed to go thru only one project at a time. You are going to leave some unfinished things till later. It's just the way it is (for me anyway).
Say I'm not the only one ? :-)

So eventually, it is time to pony up and face them one by one...
Under the umbrella of my ongoing shop re-organisation, these are all the projects I have currently on the go or still on the drawing boards that requires my attention:

Plane till project
- Need to apply finish to the joiners plane dividers DONE
- Need to secured them in (check longest wooden joiners) DONE
- Need to finish last dividers in second row till, still bare wood DONE

Bench maintenance project
- Need top flattening
- Need planing stop installed

Saw bench project
- Need proper height determined 16 or 19 in??
- Need to adjust feet in consequence
- Tweak holdfast holes for better gripping action (they are working, albeit a bit sticky)
- Find a place to store the removable fence DONE

Moulding Iron sharpening jig project
- Figured out best height for use
- Modify accordingly

Sharpening board project
- Apply poly on wooden parts DONE
- Attach gripper mat with its cleat (still on the fence on this)

Plane till No 2 project
- Apply finish to dividers DONE
- Secured to wall DONE
- Install dividers & load with planes DONE

Saw till project
- Figured out profiles DONE
- Machine back beaded boards
- Make drawers
- Make saw dividers (Oak, stained)
- Make saw handle resting board

Sharpening station project
- Finish design
- Power tools purchases?? (Power honer and WS3000)
- Rehab bedside table for a temporary sharpening bench DONE

Bottom cabinet for tool chest
- Get the wheels ON ORDER

Swivel Caster w/Brake, 2" x 2-1/2"(40kg)
00K21.21 $6.40 ea (4)

- Figured out optimum height (subtract 2-1/2 in for casters)

Bob-On-Bench project
- Start requirements
- Inspect parts already done years ago, do they need rectifying?
- Finalize design for base

Drilling storage cabinet
- Start requirements
- Finalize design

Who me a procrastinator? I wrote the book on it once, but never quite finished it :-)
Perhaps you would be thinking, why don't I just finished one before moving one to the next one?
What would be the fun in that?? Besides, did I ever mentioned I get bored easily :-)

If I was growing up today, I would probably be diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and whatever else, a touch of  Obsessive Compulsion Disorder (OCD) perhaps :-). Thankfully, I am fully grown up now (just don't ask my wife, she may disagreed on that :-)

Bob, catching up slowly with all the projects I am juggling. Oh, I know what else I need to .....Squirrel ! :-)


  1. You aren't alone with leaving things out Bob

  2. Phew, I feel better already :-)
    I have a "few" unfinished projects I'm saving for a rainy day. That's my story, I'm sticking to it :-)

  3. One more thing, I thought I juggled a few projects at the same time but you have me beat there big time.

  4. LOL, honest, I'm not normally juggling that many (where will I find the time?)
    But right now, I have all the time in the world (I love retirement :-) and want to get this re-org completed so I can get going doing "real" woodworking projects.
    But I always seems to carry a punch list around..

    Bob, taking a break from his current punch list

  5. Holy crap! I thought I was bad about having multiple projects going on at once. Thanks, Bob. I feel much better now!


  6. Ha Ha, no problems Brian, at least now I know I'm not alone :-)
    Bob, back from helping a friend with a plumbing emergency, I now return to my normal WW project's juggling.