Monday, May 11, 2015

Plane till No 2 finished design

I had the required numbers of dividers (8) left over from my previous big plane till.
And these are the ones I initially was gonna use, then I realized that these are too short for my planned 7 in height, these are only 6-1/2 meant for 6 in height cubicles.

So before I made new ones, I decided I should review why I spec a 7 in height.

Lets see how the planes, I intent to store, fit in the bottom till of my large till, since it is 7 in high

Record No 078, with fence 

Stanley No 45, with fence

Veritas Small Plow, with fence

Wooden plow, the biggest of the two I own. Iron removed.
The irons are higher than the plane wedge.

Veritas large Router

Sargent No 61 Router

It sure look like only the large wooden plow require the 7 in clearance, all the others would be fine at 6 in. but would the large plow one fit?
Only one way to know for sure...the top part of my big till is 6 in high.

Tight fit standing up straight without iron. If I leave it tilted it will fit. 

As for my planned 10 in with, it fit within 3 cubicles (12 in) with some spare room.
Again tilted it will fit...better

So for sake of efficiency, I will sized both till's row at 6 in high. They all fit within the planned room 10 in and 5 in wide, spacer grooves every 5 in would keep my options to customize the spaces as I required for whatever plane with a fence attached.

Well, I'm glad I checked before committing to wood :-)

My build dimensions are then:
THICKNESS 3/4 in stock
WIDE (Spaces) 35 + (Dividers) 1 + (Sides) 1-1/2 = 37-1/2 in
HEIGHT (Spaces) 12 + (Divider) 3/4 + (Sides) 1-1/2 = 14-1/4 in
DEPTH  10 in

And just as a reminder to myself

Joinery details:
- Carcass dovetailed
- Back panel fit inside rabbet 1/4 in deep, on each sides.
- Middle spacer fit inside 1/4 in deep grooves. Length 36-1/2 in.
   Dadoes on both sides every 5 in (use 1/4 spacer on each ends for dado start)
- Top part dado every 5 in (inside only) match middle dadoes
- Bottom part dado every 5 in (inside only) match middle dadoes.

Armed with these notes, tomorrow I'll start machining my pieces.

Bob, who always check and recheck his calculations. Just because :-)


  1. Bob,
    have you noticed any sagging in plane till #1? 36" is a long span without a center support.

  2. Not really, it is thin material roughly 1/2 in, but the bottom row has a center support in the middle and all the dividers inside the 2 top rows makes it very rigid. I did notice that my dividers are more snug now, I was going to remove a few to put the plow plane inside, but it is, shall we say, tight! :-) it is also screwed in to the French cleats top and bottom., It don't think it is going anywhere even with all the weight of 60 some planes from a big No 8 to small palm planes.
    My plan for No 2, which would have a lighter load anyway, is to rely on the dividers for strength. I will also do a better job fastening the back panel, I did managed to push it off a tad in places on the other one when I ram the divides in. I forgot there is a 3/4 in gap between the wall and the back of the cabinet due to the French cleats. That's what is causing the dark shadows in the top corner of the bottom cabinet in the pics above. Oops lesson learned :-) Bob

  3. Hummm looking at the pics again, I think that most of the dark shadows is due to the flash mostly since that corner line goes smaller or bigger in the pics, but there is a small gap, I felt and saw the back panel being push out a bit, still in its rabbets though. I didn't want to glued it in so I could do some maintenance down the road if need be, but the new one will be glued in.
    Professional deformation I guess, I like to have built in maintenance access, even if we both know, that's causing its own maintenance issues at time in military gear...Should know better, time to switch my brain in civilian mode LOL