Sunday, May 24, 2015

Plane till No 2 completed

Awaiting paint to dry, back has been cut and primed/painted also and the French cleats are ready.
Once dry, the back will go on, and it would be hung by the bigger plane till
Back on, screwed, and French cleat is screwed and glued.
Should be strong enough...

Up on the wall, at last...

It is just resting on the French cleats, not screwed in the wall yet.
Also need to put in the bottom spacer on the wall, it is just friction fit right now.

Still need the dividers to receive a coat of oil finish

But at least now, I can really visualize the saw till space and scale. Now would be a good time to figured out my design on the saw till side pieces.

I just put in the two side pieces with the top shelf piece in the dadoes. Without the bottom piece which would be dovetail in the side pieces, hence I have the correct height

I need that to finalize my middle rail location, the height of the handle rest bar, and final height  of till. I have decided that it would be  OK to go past the plane till a couple  of inches in order to make a different edge treatment look OK beside it? But I need to visualize it in situ, before I commit.

My longest handsaw and back saw (mitre saw) resting on a 4 in piece 

A selection of backsaws

I think I will keep that height, past the plane till, and center the middle rail, 
the top one would be flush with the top. Right now they are cut at 4 in wide, maybe I'll reduce the middle one to 3 in ?

Now I need to figured out my side profile. I'll do a cardboard cut out to experiment.
In the mean time, I can start the dovetail joinery on the bottom part and the side pieces.

One thing that I am wondering are the drawers (3) height location, are they too high to be useful?

Bob, still refining his design on the fly.


  1. I think that drawer is only useful if you can look down into it and see what is in it. If you can't look into it, it becomes a black hole that swallows things.

  2. Agreed, thats why Im having seconf thought. I can see in them but they are higher than I like.