Sunday, May 17, 2015

Saw till contruction begun

I pretty well defined my requirements, enough to start gluing up my boards for the carcass. I'm also going to try to recycle the "extra" side piece left over from my original plane till. That way it will fit nicely along the plane till and will make my previous mistake disappear :-)

That would be the shaped piece in the background, behind the tool chest :-)

As per the other tills, the sides would be dovetailed to the bottom, and so will the drawers constructed using dovetails of course. Not to be snob, but to me the only way to built drawers is to used dovetails to resist the racking forces when opening them. 

These 3 drawers will contain files, saw sets and the special screwdrivers used on the various saw nuts.
I don't know yet, but I may divided them to fit and protect these tools. The saw files resides in custom tool pouches from LV, the saw sets, I should probably pared them down, I never used them all.
The special screwdrivers on the other hand, seems to multiply proportionally with my number of saws. No saw nuts screwdrivers seems to fit them all... A proper sized screwdriver is important to not damaged the somewhat easily damaged brass saw nuts.

Once the basic carcass is assembled, I will tweak my optimum spacing's for my saws. That in turn will dictate how many I can fit within. I was hoping for 22, but the math seems to dictate 21.
In that case, I will simply drop my spare slot for an extra mitre box saw (as if I need 4 of them..?)

While I was researching saw tills design, I came across this guy Treebangham, Youtube channel, who has a well documented build of his saw till (in 12 parts)  and good tips along the way. Could not had done better myself, so I will  basically built mine like his using his methods by hands, with the one glaring exception, that I never put my free hand in front of my chisels! :-)

Meanwhile, enough planing on the saw till, time to cut the dovetails on the plane till No 2
And once that is cooking, I can start planing my next project, the base cabinet for my tool chest.

Bob, who has not forgotten his sharpening board project

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