Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Plane till number deux

Since completing my large plane till and stuffing it with with more planes than designed to hold :-)
I decided that I need another to store the larger and awkward planes such as router, plow and multiplanes etc.
Nothing fancy, just a two (deux :-) levels of cubicle to hold Stanley's 45s, 78s, LV small plow, wooden plow planes, router planes etc. Basically any planes with a fence and rods, I want to leave it set in storage.

After working up my sizes requirements I came up with the following dimensions:
9 inches wide for the 45s and 5 inches wide for the LV small plow and the 78s
This works out to 33 in plus 4 dividers of 1/4 in (left over from previous till) and both sides of 3/4 in stock = 35-1/2 wide X 10 in deep and a cubicle height of 7 in. These dimensions are in order to accommodate them all and simplify construction. My current wooden plows requires 9 in and 8 in width, so I may end up making two cubicles of 10 in to make it easier to build.

My routers planes fit easily within the 5 in wide cubicles, and by removing the middle dividers I got room for another plow if need be :-)
So in the end I opted to make shallow dadoes at every 5 inches for my dividers, so I can configured it for 10 in or 5 in wide cubicles as needed
My existing plane till is 36 -3/4 in wide, this one would fit under maybe...
If so, I should make it the same width.

Plan done on Napkin CAD V1.0

Once completed it will hold another 10 plus planes, and then that still leave the scraper planes and cabinet scrapers homeless...hum, another till or make this one bigger??
Starting to wonder if I have big enough wall surfaces :-) 

This should be a quick build, except that it may be a few days before I can get some shop times.
I have higher priorities to look after right now...:-(

Bob, planning his next moves

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