Saturday, May 16, 2015

Refining the saw till dimensions

My intentions were always to built a till with drawers at the bottom, ideally 3.
I would also like it if the top did not go pass the current plane till. If the saw's blades are longer it's OK, it's the same scenario on the plane till with the long jointer planes.

So how much do I have and do I need? I got a pretty good idea just by figuring the difference in height between both Plane tills, that's how much I have period, if it is not to extend past the plane till.

But numbers don't tell the whole visual story of how does the saws fit within, and if any goes past the plane till?

I also knew from the numbers that a 30 in saw did not left much room for my drawers.
Lets see:
These are my 2 longest saws, sitting on top of the plane till No 2 side piece.
Now using my 5 in spacer block to simulate the height of a  shallow drawers bank.
The plane till No 2 side piece is clamped flush at the bottom.
And yes the amount of blade sticking out is OK. On that pic the handle is 
also closer to the expected angle for the saws

Something else I envisioned, was to lower plane till No 2 and filling that space on plane till No 1 with a shallow drawers bank. Simply in order to keep the visual balance between all the cabinets.
That move would gave me more vertical space for the saw till.
But that would now interfere with my joiner chest on top of a Rubbermaid container.
It would still fit under with the lid closed, but not while the top is open.

In a further project I will built a proper wooden base for it.

Truthfully, I cannot imagine much scenarios where I would need to do that, but...
And I don't know yet what would be the final height on its future wooden case

Now armed with the knowledge gained from mocking up the till height with selected saws, that it would contained, I can comfortably meet my initial objectives given that space.

The remaining detail to figured out is how I plan to rest the handle of the saws?
Because all these saws have various hang angles, meaning with all the handles resting square on the existing plane till, none of the handle's hands hole, nor the tip of the horns are in line and look at the blades sticking out at various angles (hang angle)

I need the saws to be secured but easy to remove/replace... without kinking them.

Final design revealed tomorrow :-)

Bob, going to bed

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