Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A proper base for my tool chest

Another in a continuing series of long overdue projects...

My tool chest is currently resting on a large Rubbermaid container. Although it is doing the job, it is ill fitting and ugly, it deserved better.

I am not quite sure of the final height yet, the current one on this plastic container is OK, but I need to experiment to find my optimum height. It should not interfere with material resting on the bench, so it cannot be taller, yet it should be high enough for me to have easy access to the tools within without too much contortions or bending, that is a back killer for me.

One of my requirement is that the whole contraption fit under the plane till. I will also put the base cabinet on wheel for ease of storage. So those wheels height need to be factored in. I should get my wheels first.

The Schwarz published a timely article on a similar bottom chest for his Dutch tool chest.
This will be my starting point for my design. I hate to waste the space under, so I may incorporate accessible storage within. Removable front panel, drawers? Not sure yet.
My designs evolves as I get nearer construction and try various experiments.

Image from Chris article referenced.
The bottom chest depicted is my starting point.

As I mentioned earlier, I need some sort of compact tool chest for travelling. So either that small joiner chest or build a Dutch tool chest. One big limitation of my current small joiner chest is its small length, preventing storage of longer handsaws and jointer planes.  Panel saws and Stanley No 6 fit within, so it is not really a deal breaker. Yet there are times when  I wish I could bring my saw bench and handsaws on the road.

So I may built that bottom unit with a future Dutch tool chest in mind?? Who knows?

Slow day today, not much shop time and just applying poly to a bunch of pieces...
Slowly working on my projects punch lists.

Bob, now juggling 4 projects, time to finished some :-)

My new Apple watch with the big fonts for the old man.
Thankfully I got the Air model, so it is a bit less weight :-)


  1. Are you making a stand for the toolbox on the Rubbermaid thing or a whole new toolchest? I would definitely use the chest and make the it come up to the halfway mark (of the chest) against the top of the workbench. And maybe make the top so it is tilted slightly - high at the back and low at the front - maybe 10 degrees or so.
    BTW, nice watch.

  2. I am making a bottom chest to replace the Rubbermaid container for my antique tool chest. But I am still debating with myself about making a future Dutch tool chest for travelling. So this bottom chest may very well serve a dual function. I will give your suggestion about the height a try later. Right now making cardboard templates for the saw till sides and putting finishing on a bunch of parts for the big plane till and the plane No 2 till. Nothing too exciting to blog about :-) But I will show the results.

    Bob, with his big a.. watch

  3. Hi Robert.

    I have thought about making a Dutch tool chest a couple of times, but there are so many things that I feel come before that in the line of upcoming projects.
    As far as I have understood, the biggest advantage of it is that it is indeed portable.
    I made the Roy Underhill joiners tool chest a couple of years ago. I really like the look of it, but it is not that easy to move if it is laden with tools.
    Thinking about it, I would probably make a really portable tool chest to just fit a No 6 and then some panel saws. I would then make a holster out of thin wood (plywood) that could take 2 of the long handsaws.


  4. Hi Jonas
    A saw holster heh? Humm, in a similar vein, I thought about making a saw buck because I will have a hard time, taking "only" 2 :-)
    Years ago LV sold a fabric holster made to carry handsaws, separated by dividers inside, maybe that's what I should do, for the sake of portability.

  5. HaHa, LV still carry that saw holster I was talking about, I will look it up during my next visit to the store
    Thanks for the idea Jonas