Thursday, May 14, 2015

Famous last words...

Tonite when I went to the woodshop to finished machining my middle horizontal divider then start the dadoes joinery, I quickly realized that I some how goofed my overall dimensions.

The night before I cut my long pieces at 37-1/2 in long, if you remember my previous calculations in my post on Plane till No 2 finished design I somehow only added 1 in for my dividers of 1/4 each, there are in fact 6 dadoes of 1/4 in making it 1-1/2 in, so my pieces should have been cut to 38 in.
And to think that I famously claimed at the bottom of my post, that I checked and rechecked my calculations, well Dah!

OK, no big deal, I am well experienced in recovering from my mistakes :-) Go figure!
What I did is make the first dado at 4 -3/4 in instead of 5 and the last space was left at 10 in (I need that much to fit my wooden plow planes) and simply divided that distance in half for my divider (for future uses if need be)

The end results are that my horizontal divider is 36-1/2 to fit within the inside space of 36 in plus 1/4 on each end for the joinery dadoes in the sides.
And the 1/4 dadoes are spaced at 5 inch as planned except on each end, where I made up the difference.

All the planes I want to put in should still fit nicely, I was generous with my measurements

I now got all my pieces back home in my shop and ready to start the dovetail joinery for the carcass.

Moral of this story, when your head is not quite able to give 100% concentration on the task at hands because of other preoccupations, you are bound to make mistakes. Its OK as long as you catch them before its too late.

Adapt and overcome is what you do then. If I didn't confessed you would never knew my spacing is not evenly 5 in spaced :-)

Time to crack open a cold one my friends...cause I sure earned it:-)

Check out the fancy "plane" beer bottle opener

So all in all, it was not a mistake but really its a "design feature" like we used to say when I worked in a Software Engineering Squadron.

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  1. Being generous in my measurements has saved a few of my projects from ending up in the kindling pile.