Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Got new toys

Which means I wont get much shop time for a little while...

As the snow is finally retreating, I'm getting antsy to clean all the rocks from my lawn that got blown from the driveway with the snowblower.

Usually I just rake and pick them up by hands, but its a real killer on my back. So this year, I bought a lawn sweeper to drag behind my lawn tractor. That should speed up the job and give my poor back a break.

I like it when they vaccu pack all the screws and parts in separate container.
So much easier to find the right parts and less chances of missing parts

Put it all together but could not get the tractor to start, sigh. It hasn't ran all winter, probably gummed up. Put in fresh gas, still Nogo.

I used my tractor a lot to move stuff around the yard with my trailer, which means lots of small runs and never long enough to recharge the battery, like when mowing the lawn.  So last year I got a small smart battery charger. Battery is always top up ready to go. Best thing I bought for my tractor.
Highly recommended if you have batteries that see intermittent, short runs.

Just like the name says, it`s wicked Genius!

My tractor is due for its yearly maintenance anyway, so I'll just call my local John Deere dealer to come pick it up and let them do their stuff on it. Long gone are the days when I do my own maintenance on most anything (except my woodworking tools) can't be bother anymore.

The other one is going to help me on this blog. I have been using a Canon Power Shot SD780IS,  I finally broke down and bought my first real DSLR camera.
A Nikon D5500 a couple of lens and a copy of Photoshop elements 13. There goes my tool budget for a while :-)

I have a big learning curve with it, so it may be a while before its pics shows up on my blog, time will tell. In the mean time, if you haven't done so yet, I invite you to catch up on my previous posts, that should keep you occupy long enough for me to get back in the shop :-)

Bob, reading and watching You tube tutorials


  1. Is that a digital camera? I use a Canon 500 something or other. I tried to figure out the Fstop crap but I do everything in auto.

  2. Yes, its a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) as opposed to my older cameras which always had been the point and shoot types. Lots of buttons and functions, I suspect it will stay in full auto for a while :-)
    Bob, slightly challenged right now