Sunday, April 19, 2015

Another distractions

As if I needed any, Ah! :-)
Yesterday we went to the same auction house were I found the Stanley Miter box. This time, I came home with 3 new planes (Numbers 116, 117 and 118 :-) One sad looking wood plane quickly got away from me. It was a scraper plane, I was only interested in the blade. People seems to go nuts for any sad looking excuse of a wood plane, last time they had three which I considered to be junk, and they also went for good money, go figure!

The planes I spied, 3 of them would come home with me.

This is the scraper plane I was interested in, for the blade and wedge. 
I have a blank body in good condition.

The one I wanted the most was the Record No 078, it is sad looking, very dirty and covered in surface rust, but it has all the pieces often missing; Fence, rod, depth stop,etc.

That's why I wanted it, I have a bare Record No 078, missing blade, fence, rod and depth stop.

This one has a broken cast body and a not too bad repair, the body is straight and the repair seems sturdy. And curiously, the blade is a Made in Canada Stanley blade. But again, it was the parts I wanted so I'm happy, and it went cheap. The only missing bit is the screw to fasten the depth stop.

Detail of broken cast repaired 

The other one was a nice Duplex block plane, a Woden No 130 in very good condition, same price as my No 078, cheap :-)

Another great British made tool, copy of Stanley No 130

Remains of Woden decal shown

Then the last one, a bit cheaper still , was a Sargent No 206 equivalent to a Stanley No 103 small block plane.
Besides the ugly red paint job added to the lever cap, she is in excellent shape with a good VBM blade.

A quick light sanding reveals the logo on the blade
Sargent VBM No 206 New Haven CT USA

A quick look at my Sargent guide by Heckel shows the blade is a type 3 1910-1918
The blade is also 1-3/8 wide, which was from 1910-1944. Was 1-1/4 wide from 1887-1909

The Record parts will go in the Evap-O-rust bath, and be reunited with my good No 078 body.

From L-R the new Record No 078 I picked up, the older No 078 and my Stanley No 78 (no fence, no depth stop) I do have spare depth stop and fences, which is why I know that Sargent No 79 fence and rod don't fit Stanley's.

All in all, I am very satisfied with my new found treasures. There were some old clamps I was interested in, a pair of metal sash clamps, and a pair of antique wooden panel clamps, but unfortunately, they went up too fast, and I was saving my money for the planes later.

Meanwhile before this distraction, I finished most of the joinery on the saw bench before we entertained a friend for supper, and last nite we went for super at a nearby friend's house,
I'm not sure I feel up to banging with a mallet this AM.

Good friends, good food, good wine :-)

Bob, feeling sluggish this morning ...

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