Sunday, April 19, 2015

Ah, the smell of WD-40 in the morning...

Besides coffee, it a sure way to wake me up :-)

Today, for some strange reasons, I can't be bothered making too much noises, like banging dovetails in 1-1/2 thick construction lumber! So I figured I'll just take it easy and do a quick assessment of my newly acquired tools; planes No 116 to 118. Like every new/old tool coming in, they are inducted in the same way. Quick initial clean up, to assess the condition, take pics to document it and update all my files. That is all I do initially, the next time I take it out to play, I'll sharpen the blade then.

First one I did was the small Sargent. Cleaning it up, I found a model No on the blade, it is No 206

And that is about all I did to it. Still need the blade to be sharpen.
Next time around I will probably remove the red paint on the cap.

Took it all apart soak the parts in Water Displacement formula No 40 (you may know it better under the name WD-40 :-) The sole was given a quick rub on my long piece of granite with sand paper on it. Not much, just to assess the condition and erase trace of rust. It was in good shape. Everything has been cleaned, lubricated and put back together then, I could not resist and plane off the corner of my wood arm rest on my office chair. Works great :-)

Like I mentioned earlier I dated it to be between 1910-1918, the Very Best Made (VBM) years, at Sargent.

Next up was the Woden No 130, a clone of the Stanley No 130. It received the same treatment.

It was also interesting to compare it to my previous No 130, which was Made in Germany. Dad bought it in the 60s I believe?

There is a small difference in size between them.  The Woden (British one) is closer to the original Stanley model.

You can see the small differences between the blades, Woden at the bottom.

Looking up Woden , also found out that mine is a newer type, the cap locking screw being die cast and not brass as it was originally. The blue colour, the logo on the blade and the markings on the bed, all point toward the Record purchased periods, transitioning from No W130 to No 0130

Eventually, it was the Record No 078 turn. At first I was going to put the pieces in Evap-O-Rust, but seeing the results on the two previous one, I decided to just soak them in WD-40. That did the job.

It needed a spritz anyway to separate the parts. And besides, I felt lazy this morning :-)

I'm happy the way the parts came out.

Now the real fun begin, the plane parts transplant.
First I gather all my spare parts and bodies for a family portrait

The Record 078 accepting body is on the left, the donating body is on the right.
The Stanley is in between, it is also a blue painted tool from the 70s, they were black prior.

These 3 posts have 3 different diameters. Threads look similar. 
Smallest on the left, biggest on the right.
The middle one fit my Stanley body, the right one is the one removed from the auction's plane.
The smallest one only fit the fence that came with it, which do not clear the body of the Stanley nor the Record. I believe it is a Sargent No 79 fence (?)

The depth stop are the same except the Stanley on the right is black , 
it is a spare I bought earlier with the supposedly fence for a No 78 and a black Stanley lever cap.

See the differences between the fences? Sargent on left, Record on Right.

I do not have a Sargent No 79 body to try it on, nor is the fence stamped No 79, like I've seen before on the web, but until proven otherwise, I will assumed that it is a Sargent No 79 fence. It does NOT FIT Stanley's nor Record's 

When I first tried the Record rod unto the accepting Record body, I could only thread it so much, so I got out my thread restoring tool to cleaned the threads good and lubricated and cleaned the female threads also on the body. That work!

The final reveal

Now all I need is a screw for the depth stop. Oh, that and a fence for my Stanley No 78, I have a rod that fit. And I am left with spare lever cap, a smaller rod and fence, and a Record's brazed body 
And actually, make that 2 screws for the depth stops, both for the Record and the Stanley.

Bob, coming back slowly to life :-)


  1. Nice haul.
    Found out a while ago I lost my bid on set of pigstickers 1/8" up to 5/8". I bid $111 and they it went for $140. I'm keeping my eyes peeled for a Sargent VBM stanley #2 plane.

  2. Auctions can be exciting and sometimes, you forget or get in a frenzy. I like to see the object prior, take pics, then research it on my PC prior to. Save me lots of money and frustrations :-) Good luck in your hunt

  3. For some reason I thought all of the Record #78s had two rods for the fence (I think a far superior design), but it must just be the newer #778s that have that.

  4. Hi Brian
    Yes, only the Record 778 has 2 rods and is indeed a superior tool. Check out my earlier post " Record planes and such" for the story of the 778. Record stop making them but they are still being made in India by Anant.