Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Saw bench almost completed

My first draft title was completed...
For a quick project, it still managed to slip over a few days, I don't know why ? :-)

I had previously machined the parts on Wed, Fri I cut half the joints. Tues I finished the joints and assembled it for the first time.

It is a bit hard on my small dovetail saw, it is thick and wetter than seasoned hardwood for sure.

They are quite thick, so I must make double sure they are straight.

Half way done, Friday nite. We had company over so that's where I stopped.
Then we went to supper with friends Sat so Sun no loud noises were allowed :-) 

One joint fitted, working on the last one. At that thickness you don't get much room for error.

For a small project it is sure making a mess on my bench :-)

By the time I'm done, I will have to sharpen my chisels for sure. And should probably touch up my dovetail saw and check if I killed the small set on it. I am gonna have to dedicated a dovetail saw for softwood.

I'm working a shift Wed at the base wood shop, surely, I would be able to finished it then? 
I will glue it after my afternoon tea, then all I got left for tomorrow is to put in the sides pieces, that will require a small dado on each leg, attach the foot and tada!

I will later put in a few holes for my holdfast, not sure where yet, so I will wait until I used it for a while to decided where. Similarly I may put in a large hole on the top as a handle, will see.

Bob,  who is banging away both on his workbench and his sawbench


  1. Hi Robert! That looks like it will be a nice, stout bench. Will you finish it, or leave the bare wood?

  2. HI Brian
    I think I will leave it bare wood, it is after all just a shop appliance which is going to get saw on, beat on etc.
    So I guess I'm going for a distress look down the road :-)

  3. Nice post. I have an old WEN 3920 scroll saw and I'm Looking for a new one Scroll Saw for my Woodworking services.
    Would you suggest me which is the Best Scroll Saw on the market?

  4. This is looking pretty good actually. Thanks for sharing this. I am planning to make something similar but just trying to figure out the dimensions for our use.

  5. Hi Tom
    Easy Peasy, scale it to your dimension. Height is to enable you to hold a board comfortably on top with your folded leg (knee) (measure to the lower part of your knee) and width, so you can sit astride comfortably (measure your hip)