Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Got another wall almost completed

Almost, still got a few things to put up, but at least now I have regained my space around the floor, bonus.

The wall cabinet is hung with French cleats.
Found a great place to store my longest joiners, 26 and 30 inch

Still need to come up with a better way to arrange some of my clamps
Also made some progress on the old built in bench wall. Still needs lots of organizing but I can see the top, it has been a while :-)

I was not sure I'll found a top, its been so long!

The leg vise is dried and put back together, now I need to fix the top to the bench more securely so that it stop its stupid wood tricks and stay flat...er.

While I'm pondering how I am going to fix that, I figured may as well check out the space I need for my sharpening station, by using my new found room on the other bench.
Boy, I can get easily distracted, don't I :-)  

Since I got a long granite piece left over from my main bathroom renos, I'm thinking I would make a great piece for flattening long planes. Shown with the Stanley No 8 on it.

 Its quite long, was 61 inch but I cut a piece to take with us to the store when we went shopping for matching floor tiles, back-splash and main bath enclosure tiles. 
We went with mosaic tiles instead of using the granite back splash that came with the top .
And in case you wondered, yes, the toilet has a remote :-)

I also have quite a few of these 6X12 tiles used in the enclosure.
I'm thinking perfect flat surfaces for sharpening :-) 

Not sure yet how long I want that long back splash to play with? Whatever pieces are left, I'll use them for a Scary Sharp set up. Now if could just find where are my oil stones??

I started to get some stuff out to get a feel of the space required, 
Humm I think   I need a bigger bench :-)

Meanwhile between the heat wave (+8C today youhooo) and the rain, the snow is melting away quickly, YES!

Bob, still cleaning up shop and back from his monthly hair and beard trim. Sound strange to say that I have an hairdresser now versus just a military barber :-)


  1. Sorry to read you still have snow to contend with.
    I use a marble threshold as my flat stone (Home Depot $10). I buy 6x48 sanding belts and cut them in half. I glue them down to the marble with spray adhesive

  2. I do similar using a piece of plate glass on a piece of cork. I often used automotive finisher sand paper, they go to crazy high grit. Never had anything that long a piece of granite, why I thought for sole flattening. Sanding belt would work great for that.

    Bob, not feeling bad about his snow, it's just winter in the Great White North :-)