Friday, April 24, 2015

Ralph's moulding iron jig

I really like the jig that Ralph from the Accidental Woodworker made for sharpening his moulding irons, so I figured I'll give it a quick go, since I'm still in the planing stages for my upcoming sharpening station. Besides having it before hand is a good excuse so I can make provisions for it :-)
So, armed with my doodle from his notes, I'm off to gather the materials while I do some errands.

My doodle CAD V1.0

I did not get to start it until much later in the evening, but still should be able to finish it.

Gather materials, check.
Try a few irons for sizes, check.

 After going over my board with my planes it was time to reduce it to width, good occasion to break in my new saw bench. That went real good, I'm quite please with my saw bench.

Rip to width on my new saw bench, using a holdfast.
I'm using a Disston No D8 5TPI Rip.

Left the line.

Shot the edge with a Record No 4 SS.
Same plane I used to do the faces.

Then I shot one end on the shooting board with my Veritas Low Angle jack plane. I like the heft of that plane for shooting.

The 3/8 slot for the iron's tang was then plowed with my Veritas small plow, which I set for 1/2 from the fence and 1/8 deep, using my Veritas set block. This is one place where using set up blocks is a lot faster and easier than trying to measure it.

After this, I did a quick check for the blade fit, and decided to try a few more. that's when I ran into troubles, the 2 other I picked had a much wider tang than my groove.
OK, no biggie, I just have to change the iron re-adjust my plane (fence and depth) and recut the groove. But by then I got thirsty, so I figured its a good enough place to stop, while I reconsider this jig.

Should I make one size fit all, or should I make two? At any rate, I better round up my planes and do some checking.

This is where I stopped. Board is flat both sides, to width and still need to be cut to length.
The groove is cut but may need to redo (?) 

I notice also that my irons in the two planes I used tonite are starting to leave some small scratches. They are due for sharpening, another distraction away from this quick (?) project.

Bob, regrouping


  1. I ran into the same problem when I did my jig too Bob. I made my slot a bit bigger on the table saw.

  2. Tablesaw! Sacrilege, I'm doing it all with hand tools :-)
    You think I would have checked more iron before starting...Just goes to shows what I said earlier about shop appliances and jigs, etc. Never take for granted someone else measurements, adapt to your own situation, and tools. Doh!
    BTW you have a small measurement error in your text, pic shows 9 3/4 long, you typed 10- 3/4.
    Bob, going off shortly to do some work for a friend.