Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Winter finally showing signs of being over??

What a winter so far. To put it in perspective, when we were in Bagotville Qc, this was the norm, lots of snow all winter long, not just in a few months like here. I used my snow blower at least 3 times a day, all winter long.

But here in Nova Scotia?? On our first winter back here, I used my snow blower 3 times all winter.
That was one reason wanting to retire back here, not much winter...Oh, that and my wife is from here :-)

Well, this year we got clobbered with snow non stop since the end of January, but finally, Spring is starting to be felt

January 28th, we had no snow until then, has not stopped since

19 Mar 

Rear entrance to my shop

On the 26th of Mar I decided I should alleviated the snow load 

Yesterday, April 13th 

Finally there is grass

When I went out to the woodshop on base yesterday, I was amazed how much the snow banks had shrunked. That and the fact that the car indicated a temperature of 19C outside!! Yes, I had the AC running in the car and people were walking in T-shirt. Looks kind of strange with all the snow on the ground still.

The temperature recorded outside my front porch at 1736hr
Unbelievable! But I'll take it! :-)

I think its now safe to say, Spring has finally arrived, and none too soon. The forecast for the rest of the week is between 7 and 10C, but it was only forecasted to go to 14 yesterday :-)

Bob, who should be able to access his backyard shed soon and BBQ, youpee!


  1. I can't believe all the snow that you have still. For the first time this month, my furnace hasn't kicked in at all for two days straight. I'm slightly believing it's spring down here.

  2. I know, really not the norm around here for sure, but maybe it will becomes the new normal? Arggggg run for it, watch up for puddles and pot holes!

    Meanwhile my furnace hasn't stop yet :-(