Thursday, April 16, 2015

Saw bench last minute checks

With my pieces given their final dimensions, I'm ready to start the joinery. But first some last minutes checks.

The parts machined yesterday with part of the side aprons.

Dry fit mockup to check dimensions

I want a 16 in finished height, it will be once dovetailed into the sides.

I then got carried away, and sat on it and try different thickness wood on top pretending I'm sawing.
It's stable...yes...but I'm sure it will be even more once assembled :-)

This dry fit also revealed that the top got a slight twist again, I can see and feel a small rocking action. No sweat, I only have to worry about the junction of the two piece being mating flat, the remainder underbelly can assume whatever shape it want, for now. I will need also, a good straight edge on each long underside to glue the top of the side aprons. One or two swipes of a plane will address all that. It is not that I don't seek perfection, I just choose my battles wisely. A long military career has reinforced that into me. Like we used to say: There is no second place in war.

Bob, the bench builder


  1. Napolean once said, "Never disturb your enemy when he is making a mistake". I'm learning with hand tool woodworking that a lot can be worked around where with machine work you can't.

  2. Very true :-)
    Reading your post this AM, the part about the polished like end grain planed, brought a smile to my face. It never cease to amazed me what we can do with a sharp hand tool. Pretty cool eh!