Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The portable power tools

In addition to the stationary power tools, I also own some handheld power tools.
I have a variety of drills, both corded and cordless (with a dying battery, sigh) would need replacement soon :-(

I have two Shop Vac, the big one resides in the garage and is used in conjunction with my dust collection system. The smaller one reside in my hand tool shop for general cleaning.

My small circular saw, 6 in blade, is used in conjunction with my cutting grid, to break down large sheet goods.  Much more safer than manhandling sheets on the tablesaw by yourself.

2 super HD  knock down saw horse which normally uses three 2X4 across while cutting.  It is sometimes used as an assembly table in the shop, but I normally I set it up outside to cut stuff.

After making do with a P.O.S. Craftsman Best jig saw, which leaked oil and a scroll head which keep unlocking, finally bought a real good one. A Bosch 1590 EVS, now that is a real saw! Smooth, precise, blade does not flex in hard use. Love it

My first router was a 1Hp Sears 1/4 in 35 years anniversary model. Worked good except, that the stupid collet is machined on the motor shaft, not replaceable. When the collet started to slip, it was toasted. That's what got me started collecting and using molding planes instead.
A few years back, I needed a router for a small job, so I bought this Bosch Colt hand held. Very nice piece of kit. I like the few Bosch tools I have, very well made German engineered stuff.

 As much as I hate sanding, you gotta to some times, so I have a few

B&D 4011 1/4 sheet finishing sander 

Dewalt 421 5 in ROS

Porter Cable 371 small belt sander. Only annoying thing is that the belts are not available locally, I buy them in the city. It uses 2-1/2X14 in belts.

In the joinery department I sometimes used biscuit, I have 2 models.

Dewalt DW682K. Uses mostly when making large panel glue ups.  Also made the occasional kitchen cabinets with it when I rebuild the kitchen island in a previous house.

And this small guy, Ryobi made, Craftsman. It uses very small biscuit R1, R2 and R3.
Comes in handy to reinforce small frames. 

Having been thru numerous house renovations, I also have tools like sliding tile cutter, reciprocating saw, 4 in grinder etc.
And that's about all I use in my woodworking, power wise. Like I said, I am mostly a hand tools woodworker these days, these are my tailed assistant :-)

I also have 2 compressors and a small collection of air tools. I want to get a small 23 Ga micro pin nailer next.

Bob, the tool man


  1. Hi Bob,
    I bought a 23 ga pin nailer because I was told the head is invisible. It's not - I don't have any problems seeing it but it is a lot smaller then then the brad nailer.
    I have a Porter Cable jig saw that won't hold blades. It takes all three types and all three types fall out during use. I haven't looked at it yet and I am this close to giving it flying lessons and buying a Bosch myself.

  2. Yes, I'm sure it is not quite invisible, but very small hole indeed. A few years back, I borrowed the Dewalt jigsaw from the hobby shop in Bagotvile to make the cut out for a sink. It was a tool less blade changes saw, but it was a convoluted mechanism, had to go on line to figured it out. When I bought this Bosch, one of my consideration was a tool less easy, intuitive blade changes system. It sure delivered, probably the best tool less mechanism out there. Quick, easy, solid. Nice German engineering! Get clearance from the tower and give your jigsaw one last flight :-)

  3. "Thank you for your informative post about Power Tools . Especially for the cutting tools as I am using also selling these products in online."

  4. You're welcome Scott, and thanks for your comments.

    Bob, of the Great White North, where we sometimes uses these power tools to cut ice blocks for our Igloos :-)
    OK, I'm being facetious, but we do uses some for ice carving.

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  6. Where can I buy a detail biscuit tool ?

  7. Looking for a craftsman detail biscuit cutter ,thank,s

  8. James
    The detail biscuit jointer was made by Ryobi for Craftsman, and as been out of production for many years. Your best bet would be one used market, eBay, Craig list, Kijiji etc