Thursday, March 12, 2015

Finishing touches??

The dividers are cooking, as Ralph of the Accidental woodworker would say.
After more head scratching and trying a few things, made 2 prototype holders out of scrap spruce.  I knew there was a reason why I hoard wood, see dear :-)

That worked out pretty good, I can safely stored 9 and have room for my big paws, sold!
Next, I refine my template and I commit to the maple pieces.

I'm leaving about 1 in from the top and 1 in from the bottom for the openings, that leave 3/4 in between the bottom hole and the end piece, plenty strong in maple.  You may have notice that the two wooden spokeshaves on LH of the above pic, have slightly wider spacing? Correct, 1-1/2 inch in this only case, one small concession for being able to store all my spokeshaves.
I could have fit slighly longer pieces and squeeze one more spokeshaves, but again, using what I have on hands.  So far the only thing I had to buy was a half sheet of nice hardwood plywood, which I used for the dividers, etc.

I also tested how they fared when swinging up and down that tray, using the brace stand, worked fine.

The Forstner bit I used was 7/8 but 3/4 would be fine, except for my biggest wooden spokeshave, hence why I use 7/8 for them all. The only thing is that some of the smaller spokeshaves can turn into their holders when tilting up the tray (look at the pictures above), very minor annoyance for the benefit of being able to put whatever spokeshaves wherever. Remember that I have more than 9 so the line-up can varies from time to time. In these pictures I picks them more for their sizes

The spacing for the holders works up to be 2 in from the inside tray lip to the outside of the holders, which leave about 5 in in between them.

Incidently these holders work at any angle between 0-90 degrees plus, securely

Next batter up is the tray holding fittings

Now time to settle on a finish for the trays and dividers. I notice the other day that there was some red markings on the trays trim, more of my DNA markings :-) Would have to erase most of it before finishing.

The end is in sight...Well for this plane till project anyway, lots more to build, stay tuned!

Bob, watching poly-urinated stain drying, drinking beer


  1. Thanx for doing the math on this Bob. I already have a spot picked out to put a holder for my herd of shaves. Something else to add to the A+ list for yesterday.

  2. Hi Ralph
    I gather from reading your latest posts that you are in need of some sort of spokeshaves holders. This would fit the bill nicely, regardless of how mounted, horizontal or vertical and anywhere in between. If I omitted some details you need just let me know.