Monday, March 9, 2015

Slow progress but progress

Between fixing up the wall and painting, I have not made much progress on my plane till.
But managed to add a piece up front to support the trays bottom trim. Till is primed and I gave it the first coat of paint. The main back panel is also primed/painted. In addition I tried a stain color on one of the dividers.

Once finished painting I will have to cut 10 small dadoes on the bottom of the front piece I added, otherwise the dividers would only go in from the back before I put the back on.
After that, once all the dividers are stained, they will go on, the main tray will be afixed and the small one will be hinged and its support to keep it up, will be re-installed.

Im still on the fence about the final finish, I think I would have like a darker color? If so I may add a Amber shellac coat, will see once it is fully dry.

I cut the French cleats pieces, they should go up on the wall shorthly and on the till after the back is on.  Still have to figured out and cut my spokeshaves holders

My bench is back in front of the window, I'm still figuring out what to put where around it.

Bob, watching paint dry


  1. As long as you are looking at the paint drying with a goofy look on your face, you're good to go.

  2. LOL Ok good to know
    Says Bob with his goofy look :-)