Thursday, March 12, 2015

Double-Decker dividers and Spokeshaves holders

Have yet to decided on a finish (oil/wax) or (stain/paint) for the trays & dividers, but I have to design/fabricate those holders ASAP, it's holding me up :-)

Likewise, those dividers that need to be modified for the double-decker spaces, have to be done.

Time to make some mock ups to figure it out.
First up, the double-decker dividers.
The height spacing of 6-1/4 in works great for all the smoothers and special planes I can find.  But for the block planes, there is a lot of dead spaces. Enough to hold another plane on top, the Double-Decker idea. Mocking it up I could see that I have lots of room, but strickly for looks, I am going to divided them in half.  It is easier to mark out also, using a special center-finder ruler (remember my thoughts about measurements?). I checked all my small planes up to a Stanley No 107.

These new flooring pieces have the same arc cut out at the showing end, strickly a design decision.  They are pretty well friction fit and will be resting on glued 1/4 pieces ripped from same material. Plenty strong, I tried holding up a small plane with stricly a friction fit, good to go!

As you can see it would be a shame to waste that empty space,
meaning I can put in more planes :-)

Next the spokeshave holders.
What I had in mind was something like I did years ago to hold 2 braces.  I dusted it out and checked the various spokeshaves in one of the end. That holder is too narrow for the spokeshaves but found that the hole shape work for them all.

Mock up the tray with the two maple pieces that will become the holders.

My required dimensions turned out to be 20 in long (max would be 21-3/4) x 1-1/2 high.
The spacing between both holders is 5 in.  
As figured out, it will hold 9 spokeshaves (I have more of course :-)
I could make it a tighter fit, but I want room for my grabby fingers. I will do a quick test with scrap pine before committing to the maple, making sure that it hold the spokeshaves securely while the tray is open/closed.
Which reminds me, better get those hinges ready and finalize the tray holder fittings

One thing that I should clarify, the tools on racks in front of bench rotate in/out from storage depending on the job at hand. Only the planes and saws in the tills stays put. Only reason you see all those chisels out is that I'm making sure they would fit in my holders.

My small tool chest is about the right height, but it need something's more dignified than a Rubbermaid container, another project for another day.

Bob, and his convoluted mind :-)


  1. This is what I like the best about reading other woodworker's blogs. The wealth of ideas that you get from them are limitless. I may have to borrow the spokeshave holder one first.

  2. Yes, me too. I always enjoy looking at other people shops, you never know what you gonna find for ideas. Just finished my prototype holders, work great.