Thursday, March 19, 2015

Slow snow day

We got totally clobbered with snow...Again!  And Spring is starting in a couple of days???
We were snow bound all day yesterday, could not go anywhere. Emergency services were telling people to stay off the roads, they were getting stuck themselves trying to reach stranded motorists.
Did not see much point doing my driveway while it kept snowing the whole day with blowing snow in between. Satellite TV was off all evening, came back on this AM, suspect part of the problem was the snow load on the dish.

As soon as I clear the deck, I'm going to BBQ that little rodent that forecasted 6 more weeks of this white shit!

Made it to the road side

Now we go back up...

Still have to clear the back deck...later

So, this is what my car would look like if Lincoln made station wagon :-)

Done. Time to get out and get gas for my snowblower, next storm is Saturday...Oh and need restocking on storm beers and chips.

So last nite spend some time downstairs working on what I could
First up were the spokeshave holders.  I refined the template measurements and layout on one piece only.  I could not find the double sided tape, if we have any left ?? So I simply tacked the two pieces together with a small air pin.
Drilling took place on my drill press table

Followed by a short stop at the bandsaw.
They were refined by a variety of rasps, files and a light sanding, then separated.

As much as I looked, could not find my stash of piano hinges?? And I'm out of finishing supplies to finish the small details left, the spokeshave holders, the tray holding stick and the new height divider

Not going anywhere tonite, as if the stores are even opened? Sooooo...
Done! Cracked open a beer and try to figured out which planes I am going to add to it??
This one is for you Ralph.
He was commenting on the lack of beer holder on my plane till :-)

No need Ralph, my beer till is designed to hold 2 bottles per cubicles (44), or 3 cans (66) plus 18 per lower sides (another 36). So in total 102 max. Should be enough to get me through a small projects :-)

Then curl up and read a book

Took me so long, my beard turned all white on me :-)

Bob, back from clearing his driveway this morning, we have a lull in the snow until the next one Saturday #@^&*$#


  1. I was worried that you hadn't planned the beer storage but it appears I was wrong.
    What is the scoop on the shinto rasp? How does it cut? What type of a surface does it leave behind? Is it consistent using it on soft or hardwoods? I really think this is a I tool I have to own before I die.
    Ralph who hasn't stowed his snow shovels away yet and is glad he doens't have to shovel a driveway as long as yours is

  2. I really like the Shinto. Work very aggressively on the coarse side, and then flip it over to the finer side. Make for fast work and it doesn't clog like a regular rasp. I don't use the handle much, and some people just buy the replacement blades, cheaper that way. Me I just thought I should have it all, handle and all.
    I used it on both soft (pine) and hardwood (maple) work very good.

    Bob, back from the gas station and the beer store, Ready Aye Ready for the next batch of white crapola :-)

  3. You made me think.. Wine racks are popular.. why not beer racks? Build it and they will come :) That is a lot of snow for this late in the winter. It should be gone by tommorow ..the first day of

  4. I may have to get one next payday. Japan woodworker used to sell them but Woodcraft bought them out - I'll have to check it out.

  5. Pst Bought mine at LV of course :-)
    years ago they had a survey asking customers which products they would like to see come back or stocked , I answered among other things, the Shinto. Now its been back for a while :-),42524

  6. Hi Norm
    Yes, the plane thing was only an excuse to built a beer rack :-)

  7. Hummm my red IPad seems to be broken or something?? :-)