Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Rediscover Peg boards for storage

I will admit I long had a love/hate relationship with Pegboards. I like the flexibility, but was always annoyed at the hooks falling off when picking up a tool.

About 10 years ago I discovered an inexpensive solution for that. I now use Pegboard a lot more. Makes it a lot easier and faster to reorganize my storage as my needs evolved and when I had to move.

Here is my secret to it. Very simple and inexpensive. Note that there are now a few more specialized holders that locks-in (I.E. Talon is a brand that comes to mind). These little clips I used are very inexpensive and works with existing metal hanger. They lock very securely. Bought them at Canadian Tire (a local automotive parts & hardware store.

The other part of the secret is making custom wooden holders and screwing L shaped fastener hook in the back. You just have to ensure proper spacing (for the pegboard holes), correct distance from hook to wood (the thickness of the Pegboard, usually 1/4 in) and make sure that you can pivot your holder to hook it solidly. Very easy! I uses a piece of Pegboard scrap to space the L hook and the wood when I screw them in. On some long holders that have a heavy load, I will put in 3 hooks.

Now all you have to do is make a bunch of holders for your various tools and put them up. Don't like the arrangements or need to make more room? Take them off and reposition, it is that easy

Here are some of the holders I made thru the years. Yes, even the phone shelf is custom but uses something different to hold it solidly. Forgot why I removed the power outlet cover, but it has long been replaced, safety first people!

Bob, hooked on Pegboards


  1. Bob I am still in my "I hate pegboard" mood. I like the visibiltiy of the tools and painless re-positioning of them but I can't get pass the hooks. I simply just don't like them.

  2. I understand, I hated them too for years, but since discovering these two tricks I really enjoy them now, especially the freedom to create various custom holders, easily re-arranged. If you have some Pegboard around the shop, give these customs holder a try

    Bob, who has no stakes in the Pegboard industry :-)

  3. One other annoyance with pegboard is that I seem to always want to insert the hook where the backer is. As much as I like having the tools displayed, I don't like shop dust etc getting all over them. I will stick with cabinets and boxes. Maybe trying to remember where each tool is stowed will help me fight off dementia.

  4. Wellllll, I can tell you that I tried that approach for years, trying to remember where every tool is stored to fight off dementia, I dont think it is working :-)
    Jokes asides, I understand the conundrum of displaying tools in the open and fighting off rust causing dust. In theory, my system would be to store my tools in labelled drawers in my tool boxes and getting them out on my racks when I work. The hard part is to remember to put them back in storage after. See what I meant about dementia? :-)
    Bob, tired of trying to remember where everything is