Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Finishing news

Why no updates lately?
Spent the last few days finishing all the trays and dividers, spread on every flat surfaces I could find

3 coats later on each sides, I am done and so is my can of polyurethane

Oh look, more drops on my clean floor :-)

This was a left over can from my days making Shadow boxes for retiring members, it had a skin over the finish, poked thru and stirred, every time I had to used it these last days. The cover is too gummed up to close good, and besides, it would have trap air inside. I think all the shiny bits must have evaporated from that can LOL, it took at least three coats to get somewhat good coverage, either that or my wood was some thirsty!

I suppose I should have transferred the contents to a glass jar with no airspace and filtered the goop out, but this is shop furniture, not fine furniture, I just want to get going.

After a quick burnishing with 000 steel wool, I will give it a coat of creamy polish to brighten it up evenly. Then I can go back and do some more woodworking down there!

Bob, poly-saturated

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