Saturday, March 7, 2015

Shop re-redesign part 1

Well one thing I will say about blogging is that I now see my humble shop with different eyes and I should really go on with my re-organisation V2.0 and it could use more lights. The walls graffiti could go also...

As I am nearing completion of my plane till, I revisited the intended location on the wall. With the overhead cabinets currently existing, I have to shove my bench way past the center of my only window. Hummm don't like it, so may as well remove them and then I could strip everything else off the wall, and prime, then paint.

In case you were wondering the wall color is gray.

While I am at it, I may as well refurbish it the way I see it instead of adapting to the usual space.
The Plane Till cabinet was the catalyst that I needed to kick start this renovation project, not for resale this time, but strictly for me, like I see it. What a new concept for me :-)

I (we) also picked up the color for the plane till and further projects in the house :-)
So time to roll up my sleeves and go to it!
As I go thru it, I'll explain my twisted logic for the choices I am making and the construction of various shop cabinets, appliances etc. in further blog's part

Bob, covered in primer and cobwebs


  1. Hi Bob,
    How many shop do overs does this one make? It'll be interesting to see how you do this as I'm always looking for ideas.

  2. Counting only the ones since i seriously got into it, this will make No 5. The only nice thing about moving around is that you get to try different things every time, shop design, kitchen design etc :-) I always stage my shops when we sell, if the woman like the kitchen and the man like the shop its always been a fast selling!