Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Around the bench we go

With the bench and the plane till located in their spots, the remainder of "close at hands"  holders can now be layed out & installed. Still lots of small work to do on the till, but it is now fastened very securely to the wall.

French cleats secured to the wall with 2 in Flat Head screws 
with washers recessed x 4.

The till was then secured to the cleats with 5 screws thru them.

Tried both a wooden and iron planes, since they have a different C of G.

I may also make new holders since "My must have" list keep getting bigger, not smaller.
Damn it Jim, I'm a doctor not an Engineer! ;-)

In the mean time, I'll install what I have and see how that works out. You may have noticed that the chisels racks are now lower than before?

It is starting to look like a shop again, about time :-) 
And the light is now making it past the recessing snow banks, bonus.

I'll give this setup a try for a while.
Subject to changes without notice, is what I some times do ;-)
Now I have to finish the trays and dividers & install them.
Meanwhile, the other side of the shop is screaming for attention...

Bob, who is seeing the light, and not just from the window :-)


  1. Where do you keep the carving chisels?

  2. They have their own toolbox for travelling to/from carving club meetings. Remember that what you see out on racks right now is not what stay there, practically everything goes back to be stored in their toolbox, cabinet etc. for protection against dust. This is to be my ever-changing tools out to play collection.
    Of course the planes in the plane till stay put.

  3. I may have to rethink my peg board dislikes.

  4. I can get the angle I set my plane till at.I angled it but I recall having to increase the angle for stability. I also inset small disc magnets into the bottoms of each angled compartment to keep the heavy planes from falling out. This was just a precaution for peace of mind. Covered the small magnets with thin felt pads to prevent any marring that might occur.

  5. Good idea Norm. After seeing it on the wall with planes on, I am a tiny bit nervous. I tought of the magnet idea, but not the felt covers, I like it!. I just dont want something encumbrant or that will slow me down.
    I suppose
    I could always used bongee cords, says Bob sith a straight face :-)