Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Plane till, the small stuff

Finally got back on this project long enough to finish it.
All the joints were cleaned up with block plane and jack plane. The Ogees were fair with a wooden low angle spokeshave, and I fixed a couple spots that were annoying me.

Some wood putty was used to hide the screws holes and fixed some of the defects in the wood.

There was a wall cabinet over the spot I wanted to put this plane till, after trying to figured how I could fit it in, I decided that it would be better to just relocate that cabinet. This opened up that whole wall for better storage, youpee! And since I had an blank canvas I decided it was a good time to painted the walls prior to putting up the plane till.

After a thorough sanding, the till was primed and painted.

I bet you would have never guess the name of that colour?

All the dividers and the trays were given 3 coats of Polyurethane with a light sanding in between. Exception was the big tray, the big flat section was NOT sanded in between coats, the dust nibs gives it a bit more friction (think fine traction sand).

You can see the differences between the bare wood dividers (spares)
 and the poly, waxed ones

So finally, here is the final cabinet; Plane till fully loaded and hanging and screwed on French cleats, I'm not worry about the weight at all :-)

It is holding 58 planes right now and there is room for a few more, I'm happy with the results but I will still build another till for the remainder of the herd

Depending how I divide the big tray, I could add 2 or 3 more. The wooden molders below have room for a few more, depending on size. So in all, although designed to hold 52, I am going to squeeze in more than 60. Its a good thing :-)

Some of the block planes cubicles (4) received an horizontal divider to double the storage space. I think that worked out good.
Detail of the double space block planes cubicles. I reproduced the same curvature on the narrow shelves, strictly for look but it is making it easier to retrieve the planes, I think?

How stable are they? I lifted the toe of each planes about an inch, and they all slam back down.  The additions of the dividing strips will also make them more secured, many have rounded heel.

The quite essentially Canadian IPA beers: Keiths brew in Halifax NS since 1820, and Labbat's blue who been brewing in Montreal Qc since 1847. Yes Labbats is an English name, and so is Molson also from Quebec. A few were consumed in the making of this project :-)

Still need to finish my spokeshave holders in maple, hang the trays, one to be screwed, the other hinged and finish the spokeshave tray holding mechanism. Oh and have to make & install the dividers for the long planes on the big tray. Its the small stuff that seemingly takes forever :-)

I forgot, well almost, to add a height divider on the left hand side of the till interior for the 4th height dividers, which also happened to be a bit wider than 3 in, so I need to make a new one...

Support is a small strip of 1/4 plywood, did not took chances and pre-drilled with my Millers-Falls No 100 Buck Rogers push drill before nailing it on the side. 

Next I need to work some sort of storage for my boring tools, and then there are still the scorps and the drawknife and hatchet etc. Oh and my current saw till is only temporary, I already out grew it, that make the second saw till that I outgrew. Good news is I don't think I need anymore saws, actually I could probably do with less and better sharpened saws. Saw sharpening, hum another project

Bob, making slow progress in his hand tool shop reorganization, and then there is the power tool shop (garage) yet to tackle


  1. The till is lot bigger than I was expecting it to be. I like it but I don't see a beer holder on it anywhere.....

  2. Yes it is bigger than I first envisioned it, that's why I decided to remove the wall cabinet that was in place, needed the room. Beer holder? No problem, notice how the beer cans fits perfectly in the till. Haven't try yet, but I'm pretty sure it will hold a "few beers" :-)