Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Shop redesign part 3

Having put the bench back under the window, I can now figured out where everything else should fall into place. Well that would be the theory anyway :-)
I will put a shelf under the bench to stores my bench accessories, appliances:
Moxon vise, thin stock planing stop, shooting board, bench hook etc.

This was my previous bench arrangement, notice a pattern?
Had a temporary shelf before to store my bench planes

I always liked having my chisels at hand, so putting them in front of my bench is a no brainer. To use chisels you often need some sort of mallet, so the mallets holder should go near it, up front.
I need some sort of shelf to store bench dogs and etc. obviously that should be in front of the bench.

The plane till is going to the left of the window, high enough so I can extend my bench under it ( think a 6 footer bench in my future) On its RH side I installed a small holder to keep my plane's tools:

Screwdrivers, plane hammer, winding sticks.

I'm thinking its probably a good place to mount my pencil sharpener. It was on the wall, but I found out that the wall coverings are a thin 1/4 in OSB boards over strapping and Styrofoam, not a very sturdy place to mount stuff. I would not recommend you use that stuff for walls covering, it give you the impression that you could mount anything, anywhere... Nah not really, Gyprock would almost be better!  Don't worry about the weight of my loaded plane till, the French cleats pieces would be lag bolted to studs.

I'm leaving the LH side clear as I may attach the saw till or yet another plane till ( I still have lots with no home) Talking of saw tills, as I mentioned earlier, I have outgrew my first 2 saw tills. I would have to give it some serious thoughts as to how and which ones I am going to need/store. I also have a small holder dedicated to my backsaws, which, you guessed it, I have outgrown. I'm thinking perhaps mounted on the RH side of the plane till?

1st saw till, antique

2nd Hand saw till, shop made, antique one is on the small dresser

Back saw till

There is no power outlets on this wall, I should add at least one. I am right besides the Electrical entrance, so it is a short run. While I do that, I will also add more lights above the bench. And talking of outlets, my good old Unisaw runs on 220v and has a special twist plug. I usually have a socket for it mounted in the wall, but every time I moved, it stayed behind on the garage wall. Always have a hard time finding a new socket, so last time, I finally got smart and built a pony panel hook up to a dryer plug. There was such an outlet in my last garage that was used for a welder. I simply plugged into it to used it and left with my pony panel. Never have to look for a replacement socket again! In addition I put in a 20A 220V outlet that I used for the bandsaw.

I can be messy at time ( or so my wife claims :-) the floor has some paint splatters and I have solved the mystery of how tools seems to acquired paint drops here and there. If you have ever collected old tools you know that quite a few comes with paint splatters.

Example found in the wild. See the paint splatter? Now I know how they do it :-)

All that to say that I am thinking a wood flooring would be nice, both for my tools and my poor back. I am currently using anti fatigue mats in front of both benches and the table saw in the garage. Highly recommended.

BTW these recycled rubber tires, tiles, outgas rubber smell for a while, something to consider before bringing them inside. There are however very heavy duty and stay put, they are heavy. Hence not a tripping hazard near the tablesaw.

Bob, wondering if the snow will ever stop and if there is such a thing as...Spring?

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