Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Encountered problems

When I first investigated why the angle selector on my Stanley No 60 mitre box was not locking at the preset detents, I found out the the lever was installed upside down, the notch for the spring was toward the frame and the other side is rounded, no place for the spring to catch. Pushing in manually the pin works fine and she locks solid.

Looking at the parts breakdown it is obviously installed upside down

So I thought, no big deal, I just have to punch out two pins and reversed it

The first thing I noticed was that the pins were in fact made of a finish nail, hum so that was obviously replaced, and would explained why it was installed incorrectly.

But when I tried to just flip it and re-installed in the proper orientation, I had a big surprise!, It will not fit with the holes made in this piece...!!!

Proper orientation, the holes are offset 

As it was installed

As you can see, it has to go this way to catch the spring

Holding the pieces together you can see how the spring is suppose to catch on

There is no way the spring can stay on top of the lever when piece is reversed, but it is the only way it will fit since the holes are offset on one side.

Sooo.Tabar....Look like I gonna have to make a new piece. Merely drilling new offset holes, wont do, there would not be enough meat left in between. I am going to make a new piece. The good news is, it is an easy shape to duplicate, with only a hacksaw and a drill. The twist for the handle I can do in a metal vise.
What I find perplexing is that a close examination of the piece appears to shows it is genuine, it was obviously stamped from a sheet of metal, the twist is smooth and no sign of being homemade. Why on earth are the holes offset on the wrong side??? Was that box made on a Friday afternoon? :-)
I doubt it would have left the factory like that, so what gives??

What should have been an easy, quick repair job, is turning out to be a show stopper.
I am now on the look out for a suitable piece of metal, to make a new piece, and while I am metalworking, may as well make the missing catch also.
This simple job, just got relegated down the priority list, sigh.

Heres hoping that the Craftsman mitre box that I should see this weekend  has no major issues, other than the saw is obviously inserted from the back in the sellers picture :-)

Bob, left scratching is head and swearing in both of Canada's official language


  1. You got me scratching the bald spot trying to make sense of this. It looks to me like the (final pic) that the whole thing - spring and lever - should flipped 180? If that doesn't work you aren't using the right swear words.

  2. That's what I thought too, but I cannot flip it because the holes are offset on one side.
    I'll try filing a notch on the rounded part to catch the spring, I got nothing to loose, if that doesn't work, Ill have to make a new part anyway.
    Bob, who suddenly realized why the miter box was buried under crap in that box lot :-) PS, trust me, I used lots of French and English swear words on that one LOL