Saturday, March 28, 2015

Canadian Archaeology in the Maritime's provinces

With all the record snow falls this year we are heading for troubles.

The various strata of snow we got this year :-)

Our snow is really melting fast, causing lots of flooding worries every where. Looking at my shop back entrance I decided that I should probably do something to alleviate the weight on the roof and the pressure against the doors and subsequent flooding concerns.

And that is after some melted away!

Yes, I cleared the roof later, after a breather.

Inside the entrance portico the doors are holding, but I am worry about all the sudden melting water coming in, even with a drain at the bottom of my stairs before the door to the basement.

The back wall received its first coat of paint last nite, should be able to start put back together that corner of the shop starting Monday. Oh, and surprise, more snow this weekend...

Bob, the archaeologist back from a successful auction, didn't expect to find what I did :-)


  1. Are you going to make us wait to find out what it was that you found?

  2. But of course :-)
    Soon it will be revealed, busy researching now