Thursday, March 26, 2015

Next batter up

Now that the plane till is completed (well, I am going to sand that ugly finish job on the spokeshave holders and redo them), time to move on to other things.

Next I need to finish up a few things on my bench. Put in a shelf under it and install a proper planing stop. I just happened to find this metal plane stop at my local old tools enabler guy :-)
I'm going to install it into a big wooden planing stop  a la Schwarz

Old metal planing stop, will need its teeth reshaped

I also notice there is a growing gap between the rear of my antique front vise and the bench top, would have to check this out. And I sure wishes I could come across my shooting board, I thought I unpacked all the "garage" boxes, but still no sign of it??
All I found was my miter attachments for it?

Coming up next, there is the wall to my right.  Will clear everything, including cobwebs :-) and paint it also.

The only reasons all those vacuum hoses are hanging in there, is because they came out 
of a box that I empty in there. They should go to the garage.

And must do something with that cabinet I removed from the wall to put in my plane till, it's in the way.

Came in handy to stained the till's dividers, but it has to go

Tried my longest plane, a 30 in jointer, although a tad more steep, it rest securely, 
thanks to the added clearance of the French cleats

My next big project would be a proper dedicated sharpening station,
oh so long overdue :-)

Bob, sharpening his pencil

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