Tuesday, March 24, 2015

In response to Ralph's Signs of spring

Ralph of the Accidental woodworker has shown Proof that spring is here, so I went looking for signs too around my place.

By god, he his right!  I can see my driveway marker and some brushes peeking out of my snow banks!

Finally signs of Spring :-)

Meanwhile in Atlantic Canada, we are still looking to have a word with Shubenacadie Sam, you know, the ground hog that predict 6 more week's of winter...

So you have green grass and flowers, heh! What kind of a Spring is that, I wonder! Says Bob with jealousy :-)

We now return to the normal woodworking in progress.

Got my spoke shave holders finished and installed on my tray. Installed a 2 tube fluorescent lite fixture above my bench, and broke a tube. Oh what fun it was to clean up... Maybe I should rethink this idea??

Was going to adapt the hinges I got, could not find the piano hinges I wanted. Had a change of mind, the strap hinges I got would push the top of the tray too much, it look stupid besides the fixed tray, so back to square one.

cut to size and paint touch up

Still playing with my holders arrangements, decided I gonna try that holder mock up I made a while back, to hold my very minimalist tool set. Need to figured out how I am going to install that on my pegboard...

Bob, back to reality, and has to go do his driveway, snow drifts are in the way, sigh!

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