Monday, March 30, 2015

And around the shop we go

I started with the bench wall, of course, but now I have to keep going around the shop, one wall at a time, until I get it all organized. And by the time I'm done, what did not found a place will have to go!

The remaining of the Electrical service entrance corner and the back wall got my attention.
It was first cleared of everything, then primed and painted. Now, the fun part begins!
I decided to switched the two tall cabinets in that corner.
Then I moved in the big Snap-On tool box, that makes it more closer to the bench, to be able to switch my tools in and out more easily of both the antique tool chest and the Snap-On one.

The small library cabinet was then moved in, clearing the top of it I finally found my shooting board. It was in front of me all that time while I was looking for it everywhere else...Clearing it allowed me to put the long wall cabinet on it, which was removed from the bench wall for the plane till. With that cabinet off the floor, I can now walk around the shop, bonus!

Trying to visualize how I am going to store some of my clamps, and which ones, in there.

If I put in my sharpening station in there the clamps would have to move somewhere else.
But that is about the only location suitable for this wall cabinet

I am going to need some place to setup my miter box permanently. 
Perhaps by my saw till? 

The flimsy lumber rack on the rafters has been removed, the vacuum hoses that were on it are now in the garage. The remainder of the stuff has been dispersed or turfed.

It was always in the way anyway.  With a few more storage options here and there, I think it will do.
That still leave me a tall cabinet to put somewhere else.  Will figure it out when I tackle the opposite wall of the bench. Not sure if I want to keep that build in bench in there. Maybe I'll start with a clean slate. Oh, that would give me the room for a bigger bench, wouldn't it? :-)
Yes, but I also want to have a dedicated sharpening corner. It will require power outlets and I may need access on three sides of that sharpening station.
And I am currently using that built in bench for wood storage under, that will required room somewhere else. There are two electrical outlets in front of it, which would require relocating them.

If you squint, you can just see that there is actually a bench under all of this. 
I'm afraid it has becomes more of a catch all for everything right now.

While I was taking some measurements I took note of the built-in benchtop. It appears to be made from 2x4, making it about 1-1/2 in thick. It measured 70x22 in. Hum, that is just about a 6 footer bench, so that would fit in there if I removed this built in contraption...

Once these two walls are done, the remainder wall and the storage area in the doors corner would be mostly for storage.

Will definitively have to remove most of the wood storage in there. It is taking up too much valuable space. I will keep some wood storage, but a lot less and better organized.

With only two walls already painted a light shade of gray, it really makes a huge difference in the general lighting. Once all the walls are done and I put more lights in, it will be much brighter still.

Bob, slowly coming out of the darkness.

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