Saturday, April 29, 2017

More glacial progress...

On my boring till....

Today, I worked a shift on the base at the Wood shop. So I brought along my dovetailed box, AKA the boring till, with the intentions of cutting the groove, glue the carcass and cut the back panel.... a mere 20 minutes operation :-)

That was the plan Saturday AM. But Friday my car developed problems with my driver door, wont opened from inside, door handle feel mushy... Well that was fun contorting myself to the passenger seat with Rudy's help (NOT) Once outside figured out I could open the door from the outside...
Drove from the building supply store to my nearest garage I trust, OK Tire in Kingston, and they shown me how to open the door from the inside, appointment to fix it is Wednesday. Huh, Ford has a recall on door latch but mine was not affected, maybe I should look at it closer.

Saturday morning, decided to take my car to go to the club, while Jean used her truck to move some gardening supplies.

Arriving on base, I saw that they had the whole parking area in front of the club cordoned off to run a motorcycle safety course. This course is required prior to getting your motorcycle license in Nova Scotia. The base motorcycle club run a course a few times each Spring.

So as I went to sign off the key at the MP shack, I thought to myself, there wont be much customers today, they would think it is closed.

Had to park a bit out of my way which took me two trips to lug in my unfinished carcass and then the tool kit I brought

I was going to cut my rabbets on the back piece for the backer board using my plow plane (Plan A), but since it looked like there wont be anybody, I will go faster using the dado on the tablesaw, and going back home earlier. That was Plan B.

Unplug the TS, swap the blade for the dado set, made it purposely wider than I need, would be using a sacrificial fence on it. As I was putting the nut back on the TS arbor, I dropped the nut into the Table Saw cabinet... into mounds of saw dust, it disappeared... %$#@*&? No magnet in sight (would have to fix that)
No front door like on my older Unisaw, had to reach in from the motor side, and carefully spread the sawdust to find the Bleep Bleep nut.
Took me a few minutes but I got it.  Finished cleaning  up the inside of the Unisaw, then fired up the dust collector to make sure it was not plugged, work good, almost lost my watch :-)

Found it!!!

Could not find a suitable piece of sacrificial lumber to make my dado fence, so decided to nix Plan B. Back to plan A. Got the iron a quick sharpen, set up my marking gauge to the iron width, then started to mark my pieces on the back side of course. After I did 3, I remember I did not made sure I was marking the right side. Oh, I thought, good thing I caught myself early on!
Quickly put the dovetails pieces in the right order A-A, B-B etc, without making sure my pins and tails were lined up correctly. Did not, they were reversed, made sure I marked with my pencil which side it was supposed to go on (reversed)
and felicitate myself realizing I was previously marking them on the wrong side (correct side)

Could barely register the fence on my antique plow plane close enough to my board to hit my score line from the marking gauge, so tried a few passes off fence, with dubious results. Yes I can cut to the line but.... Nix Plan A again and moving on to plan C, using simply the regular blade to nibble my rabbet, 3 or 4 passes should do it.
Relied on the Unisaw Unifence measurements, trusting it to be true (it always is), but surprise, it is off, off enough to throw you off. Ah for Off sake ! :-)
Resawed my board a smidgen smaller in width to correct and double checks all measurements with a funky tape measure (And you wonder why I don't like to measure...)
After all my rabbets were cut, I clean them up with my Veritas large shoulder plane. The pieces are now ready for assembly.

Cleaning off my rabbets ...on the wrong %$#@ side

Bring them to the glue table, start doing a dry run assembly to check my rabbets.... ?%$#()@ I cut my rabbets on the outsides of my boards...

Left that alone for half an hour or so, then ripped the boards another 1/4 in or so and recut the rabbets on the correct side. Trust me I made sure a few times...

Box assembled, glued and cooking. 
Yes the rabbets are correctly on the bottom inside :-)

I could then proceed to glue up, about an hour or so later took it off the clamps, measured the back rabbet to cut my piece of 1/4 ply. It fitted right off the saw... Finally something gone right... Time to close the shop, I had three customers today, but they all finished what they wanted done and left.

One of them was a cutting board. This is the jig we use to make quick work of lining up the pieces. Wax paper prevent glue to stick on the jig

The piece is now back home in my basement. Later I will clean up the joinery and the faces, prime then paint it, the same colors as the rest of my tool tills.

Meanwhile Jean made some real progress in the yard using her portable Green house

The green house has been moved already once. 
Supposedly to its final  destination...Right! :-)

She has that one for the last three years, that would be its 4th season. 
Its holding up pretty well.


We will later be buying the medium Veg Trug at LV to set up a raised vegetable garden. Add the frame and green house cover and extant the season.
Then I will bring in a small table top light stand to grow spices in the kitchen,

Bob, tired, my back is killing me but Heh, made progress :-)

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Spring has sprung... well sort of...

We do have the occasional hi teens temps but it is short lived then interspersed by rain and gasp... Snow!!!

Well, nonetheless in my recent travels thru Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Quebec, Ontario, I have seen signs that winter is hanging in, and signs that Spring has arrived. So that's it and I now declared Spring has arrived in NS, and none too soon I may add!

In our travels saw trees loaded with buds... :-)
Pic from Facebook

We did not saw much snow until we reached northern New Brunswick, but then the white scenes followed us until Quebec city.
Jean was amazed at the numbers of wild deers she saw in the fields in the country side of Quebec, they are starting to changes their food regimen, they can now eat grass. Mind you Quebec city itself had plenty of reminders of the kind of winter they had, lots of blackened snow banks hanging in for a while longer, and the usual Tempos (Tm) shelters are still up.

Ontario was generally warmer, lots of temps in the teens. Switched Rudy snow parka for is Spring jacket :-)

We went up to visit our sons. I have my oldest in Hamilton On. and Jean had her son Levy in Kitchener On. 4 days of driving to spend about a day and a half with them... oh well.
Got to meet Jean family side in Ontario for the first time, and brought along Tim and his better  half Rachel and had a wonderful Easter dinner.

Front table. Left side front to back:
 Sophia (Levy's partner)
Son Aston and Sophia's grand mother 
Right side: Daughter Sierra, Levy and Sophia's mother 
Back table Myself, son Tim other side Jean and Rachel (Tim's partner)

Before leaving on this trip we had another one with Jean's daughter and the grand peanuts, Meadow and Ruby-Jean.

Rudy sniffing around. I know there must be a treat bag for me, 
I can smell it, where is it?? Yes, he got his too :-)

Ruby-Jean stayed for a sleep over. How do you make a kid eat an apple? 
Make it fun :-) Lee Valley Apple peeler in action...

On our way back, we had strong rain from Drummondville until almost Riviere du Loup. It was dry in Riviere du Loup, but it the morning this was the scene... The rain had catch up and turned into snow.

Easter Monday morning at the hotel 

They forecasted up to 10 cm in Riviere du Loup, and the snow would followed us in New Brunswick until St-Leonard. Only to return briefly as we entered Moncton (close to the Nova Scotia border).
Made it home Monday nite, she had to back to work Tuesday AM.
This was the scene Tues AM....Arggg it followed us home....

Tues AM in my driveway.
Must remember to remove the sky hook behind the car...

An old friend, recently retired, is coming over for a visit.  He made it to Moncton NB this weekend to visit with his brother, this is the pic he send me Sat AM, claiming it was because he was getting near us ...

Moncton NB Saturday AM

Hum I'm starting to see a trend I may have accidently started by sharing some of my pics on Facebook :-)_
So he asked that I turned the big thermostat in the sky so he can have NO MORE snow while he visit.
Too easy, so I did... :-)

Our forecast for the upcoming week for Jacques's visit :-)
Of course, subject to change without warning,
 this is after all Nova Scotia weather...

Today it was kinda warm and our big Spring clean up garbage collection is coming due this week. So I started dragging stuff by the side of the road, As per usual, most of the stuff would be gone before garbage day. I put out my 1965 Sears Craftsman Radial Arm Saw out, it did not lasted 12 hours by the curb side, same for my old NiCad cordless drill and etc... Suspect some of my stuff would show up on the Flea market season this summer :-)

While I 'm moving stuff around, figured it is time to declare bye bye to winter and relegate the snow blower out of the garage and into the garden shed out back.

Blower slowly blowing its way out to the shed. Don't see any snow?
Of course sillies, I blew it all away! :-)

This winter I could not find the new snow scraper I bought last year with the fancy add on ergonomic handle attachment, so I bought a new one, but really missed my handle attachment.  Now that I found the other one, I see that I need another handle.
Ever wonder why we accumulate more tools into our older years??? 
Now you know why :-)

Got the fire pit re-installed along with the Muskoka chairs
 (Canadian version of American Adirondak chairs)

Look like the BBQ cover had its last winter, it literally fell apart this winter.
Must be rotted

Out with the snow blower in the garage and in with the garden tools

Time for another warmer seasons, Jean is getting anxious and want to start potting outdoor plants right away. Thank god for my tractor and trailer, it would be so much easier on my poor back :-)
Last year was the first time that I did not tend to all our gardens and flower beds.
They could use new stuff and tender loving care this year.

And this bring us to its inevitable conclusion... my Honey Do list has just been re-started. I still plan on finishing all of the projects Heather and I had made for the house, but we will now started in earnest outside, I gave Jean Carte Blanche for the outside landscape. We need a bigger deck and new garden shed, Green house and etc.  And more than likely another driveway on my land to reach the back yard and bring stuff in and out. Should keep me busy for a while :-)

But I will still find time for shop time here and there. This next Week end I'm working a shift at the base woodshop. Should be able to progress slightly more on my boring till...

Stay tuned...

Bob, the eternal optimist when it comes to Spring

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Finally progress on the boring till

This is turning out to be a very sloooow build...
I was asked to work a shift at the wood shop today, 1000 to 1600 on Saturdays

So I brought along my pieces and finished cutting my dovetails. Someone asked me why I did not uses the dovetail jig in the corner... Too noisy, makes a mess and I don't like the look of router cut dovetails thank you...

So keeping within the scope of were I was I donned ear defender while chopping my dovetails with Gerhard's Jenesaiquoi persuader :-)

I played with it a few times but this was its first real workout. I love it!
Nice heft and balance, make quick work of chopping. Well done Gerhard and thank you!

two sides done

All sides done and dry fitted

I did not bothered gluing it, but gave it a quick check for squareness, good to go!

Next would be cutting a rabbet in the back for the back panel, then glue it, clean up the joinery, prime and paint it, then put the back in.
Once that is done, the fun part would be to make suitable holder for the tools intended for it. Said tools selection has kind of grew since I first start this project...hummm decisions, decisions...

While I was there I spotted another sign of Spring...

The Air Cadets glider launching winch are out in the parking lot...

14 Wing Greenwood is home to large Air Cadets camps here in the summer.
Part of their program is teaching the kids to fly in a glider. I went up with them once, pretty cool, no engine noise, just the sound of the wind.... And they glide a lot better than a fighter jets, these tend to glide more like lawn darts :-)

Besides this ongoing built, I got a draft started on a blog entry on how to adjust and use my EC Stearns Hollow auger, it is a request from one of my reader following a recent blog entry.

So I wont "bore" you anymore and will catch you on the flip side

Keep your stick on the ice...

Bob, the dovetailer