Thursday, March 26, 2015

Plane till officially done

Got my piano hinge, I splurged and got a brass plated one :-)

Spokeshave tray is now hinged and I tried my hold up arrangement.  Oups! Really did not think that through for the holder. I wanted to not interfered with the ramp, but unless I bend my stick it does not meet nowhere near :-) Fixed that by carving a shallow through on the side piece, that was fun with the tray loaded, holding it with my head while I carved.

I'm using the space to keep my spare blades for the planes in the till. Some NOS Stanley, some Veritas blade and matching cap iron, and of course some of various angle for my Veritas Low Angle plane.

Yes, its a lousy stain job on the holder, lesson learned, buy fresh stuff next time. 
Can has been chucked.

The plane tray is also fastened, and decided on how I am going to put my dividers in.

I could squeeze them in closer and fit a small plane at the end like a Stanley No 130, but I decided instead to go for wider spacer to be able to screw them in, no glue so  I could rearrange them later 

Machined the divider strips

Before I screw them in, I decided to check the fit of my No 8. 
Lo and behold, it does fit flat, the nose just clear the end

So it look like I can fit at least one more plane securely, as long as it it skinny. 
Stanley rabbet plane No 191 shown

I got the RH side pretty well all spoken for with my plane tools, card brush for files, bench brush, strop and a small parts cleaning brush which I use to clean the planes before storing them back in.

On the other side, still lots of room. All I got so far is various steel rulers.

All I got left is to wait for the dividers to dry and screw them in.
I think, I can officially call this Plane till project finished and time to move on to the next project.
What will it be? Don't know, have a few on my list :-)

Bob, planning away his next bright ideas.


  1. My project list goes on forever. I don't think if I worked on it every day for 8 hours I would get it done before I died.
    Like the storage under the spokeshaves. I still think you should do it under the bench planes.

  2. Oh no, too heavy, I'll be worry about the stability of the planes, maybe tie them down with hurricane strapping? :-)
    I know very well what you meant by a long to do list. I have this Excel spreadsheet I uses to keep track of my Honey do list. The highlight of my days, is to cross off entries with my trusty yellow highliter, while sipping a cool beverage and admiring my work. It give me a sense of accomplishment. Hint, breaking down Honey do requests into numerous smaller subtasks give more stuff to cross off :-)

    Bob, who has a never ending Honey do list, since...forever :-)