Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Current set up on bench

After playing around with my various holders and trying out different tools on them, I still was not satisfied, that it kept at hands all the tools that I want and use all the times, so after some more thinking, I decided to dust off the mock up board I made a while back and re purposed it

As it is currently installed I cannot use the rear slot for the saw nor the back square hole for the mallet. No sweat, I adapted it.

Only thing I may change is one of the holes for the chisel. I originally used a 3/4 in hole like I used on my holders, but being close off, it would not accept anything bigger that a 3/4 in chisel. Oups, must fix that :-)
The lost of the rear slot for the crosscut saw, is no big lost, I got my small mitre saw set up on top of the antique tool chest anyway. It is a Stanley No 150 currently using a 16 in Disston saw.

The lost of one small carpenter mallet position is no biggie either, I have a small rack holding a set of mallets & hammers near by. It make a great resting spot for my Veritas set up block sets.

I will give this setup a try for a while see how I like it.

Bob, off to find piano hinges to finish his plane till

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