Wednesday, April 1, 2015

My Uber efficient workshop raise the bar

This being April 1st and all, I thought I share with you my latest bright ideas in my quest for Uber efficiency (Tm) in my shop.

As you have probably noticed by now, I like to have everything at hand, and I hate having to look for something for more than a minute, hence my quest for storing everything where I can see it and grab it with my big paws.

So here is my idea of an efficient bench set up. I am not quite done, I'm thinking adding a small track layout and putting wheels on my chair to put it on, will boost my efficiency even more. No wasted motion just roll along and grab stuff or put it back as you go. Brilliant if I can say so myself.

Shortly after retirement, I had thought of a similar set up arrangement in my wife kitchen, and to put her on specially modified roller skates to go on the rails. But for some reasons, I still do not understand, she nixed that idea. I didn't realized before that she must be a Luddite.

So here's my chance to prove her wrong. Basically same idea, except that I would be sitting down on a specially modified office chair instead of roller skates on rail.

So here's how it work.
Notice that I can saw to length pieces with my left hand while using my shooting board with my right hand. Brilliant heh!

Observe correct sawing position, the wrist is 90 degrees to the handle

Need something bigger to drill? No problem, just reach up for my auger and I am in business.

I thought that this straw hat was made of Kevlar fiber, apparently it is NOT. 
So I upgraded later to a proper helmet

Hint, the helmet comes in handy for drilling, and since I am wearing one, may as well organized it also...there.

Safety first people!
Running low on supplies? No sweat, got that covered too!

Need to plane something, a quick push to my left and I am on my way to the plane till, just have to stop in front of the correct plane cubicle, it's that easy. The chairs also goes up and down for easier access.

But wait, there is more!. Continue on my way left, and I can reach for all sort of ripping and cross cut saws. Saw horse? Just uses the convenient arms rest on the chair. Notice one has a wooden arm? That is to be able to use my holdfast.

Rolling to the right we reach the big tool boxes were everything is efficiently lay out, one tool per drawer. Makes reaching and finding the right one, that much easier! Labels on each drawers and tools makes it easy to find what is where, and were it goes, but I don't remember what it does. Behind me is yet another cabinet holding all kinds of supplies right where I need them.

So there you have it have a wonderful  AFD*

Bob, the efficiency planner going out for a walk in the snow, been sitting all day...

* April's Fool Day


  1. Looking at your shop Bob I'm amazed at how small your workbench is. My bench is 6'6" and I think that that is too small. Is a new bench on the to-do list?
    I also think the straw hat looks better with the chair.

  2. Yes, it is only a 4 ft bench, more like a joinery bench.
    And, yes, I am planning at least a 6 footer in my future. Would lovev 8ft but, that would be a tad cramped in there :-)
    Bob, looking forward to his RCAF mess dinner tonite