Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Happy, belated Canada day, Heh!

Yes today July 1st is the day we celebrate the "official" birth of this country, we call Canada.

This morning I went to finish the tiling in my friend bathroom. We only had two rows left to do, but we called it quit last nite, we were both tired and still had 4 rip cuts , 4 crosscuts and one hole for the shower head pipe...
It went fast this morning and we even chipped out one tile I didn't like and replaced it, it got pushed in too much it bugged me :-)

Spend the rest of the day relaxing with my wife, BBQ for our supper then we went to the main attraction in town, the annual Canada day fireworks.

Crowd start to gather, there was activity for the kids all afternoon.
The evening entertaining.
Awaiting the darkness and the start of the fireworks.
Enlarge the picture (click on it) and can you see Venus and Mars
Venus is the brightest. Once in a blue moon phenomena to see!

Had a hard time with the fireworks, the camera auto focus was going nut about it and it was too slow exposures, I keep shooting too late or too early

Too early on the trigger

Auto focus failed...

A good time was had by all in my little village of Greenwood NS, and the fireworks was a good ending on a good warm summer day.

Bob, proud Canadian


  1. I didn't realize Canada's birthday was so close to ours in the US.

  2. Yes, ours being on the day the Charlottetown PEI charter was signed making it the birth of our provinces agreeing to form a confederation to stick together which became today's Canada, to protect themselves against US expansionism plans, and yours on the 4th of July the day you got independence from England.
    Newfoundland became the last province to joined Canada's confederation in 1949.

    Bob, the morning historian.