Sunday, June 28, 2015

Revised Honey Do list

Yes, I am back home but have been busy catching up with old friends...

I finally got the joiner out of my car and into the garage. Which is giving me the impetus I needed to start clearing out the garage. Too much stuff, need the room.
Also the yard needs some attention, I'm told :-) Darn its raining right now, it will have to wait...

It look like an Aircraft Carrier :-)

Somewhere under there, there is an Unisaw...

I am still helping my friend Dave with his Ensuite bathroom renovation project. Finally started the floor tiling today, yesterday was tile cutting mostly.
We were hoping to finish the work before his wife came home, but it is looking very tight. Vanity and toilet should be back in service, but shower cannot be completed in our time left. Tiling and grouting just cannot be rushed.

Yesterday we figured out our layout and cut around the toilet

Today we layed the floor tiles. To be grouted tomorrow.
Ditra on the floor, cement boards and Kerdi membrane on the wall
 makes for a watertight installation. 

Then it is time to start gluing up boards for the bottom tool chest build.
And start at the garage make over... :-)

I also have more work downstairs in our basement, changing some ceiling tiles and light fixtures, putting up a clothes bar.

Oh, and my wife want to move up the laundry room from downstairs, which means I will finally have 220 V in the garage, bonus!  I would be able to resurrect my good old Rockwell Unisaw, Made in Canada!

The intended location is in the office where I am currently typing, that means it has to move elsewhere.

Space currently occupied by the office.
The wall cabinets will stay, everything else goes.

That location is against the garage wall, hence why, it would finally receive 220V. I would also switch back my bandsaw from 120V to 220V,

and perhaps  should switch the joiner motor to 220V (selectable).

That's a very conservatively rated at 3/4 HP motor, TEFC.

So that is what my revised Honey do list is shaping up to, I don't think I'll have much time to sneak in between for my shop projects. But you never know...

Bob, running thru plans and estimates for my laundry room move.


  1. You need to put some model aircraft on that jointer! 😄

  2. LOL good idea! When I was younger I used to be an aircraft modeler and had quite a collection...which got all broken up thru various moves :-(

    Bob, reminiscing about his youth ( a few years back :-)