Saturday, June 6, 2015

Quick update

Yesterday I had a few official functions including a mess dinner. One of my old unit was merged with another unit to become a new unit, renamed 415 Sqn. That Sqn was deactivated 10 years ago, it is now reborn as an operational Sqn with a force development mandate, comprised of 14 SES and MPEU both units now being deactivated and merged into the new one.

All that to say, between all the functions and diners I have catch up with many old friends I used to worked with but been away from the shop all that time :-)

I am also in the mist of helping a friend with his bathroom renovations.

Meanwhile, the saw till has been glued up and is now out of the clamps, awaiting a quick sanding and its back boards.

   I should resume works on it shortly. Oh, and I also picked up a few new tools :-)

Bob, who drank lots of coffee today for some reasons...

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