Saturday, June 13, 2015

Small setback

My original draft title was : "The saw till is hanging on the wall" well not quite yet...

First I tweaked the half lap I cut on my two new end pieces I made yesterday, then I tweaked their width equally on each to fit with my dime spacers (2) between each boards including on the ends.

I'm over budget, I used $2 worth instead of the $1.80 I mentioned last :-)

And then it was time to cut my beads and that's when everything went south on me in a hurry.
I leave my planes set when I put them away in my till, that way, I just have to grab it and go. Except right now it is getting very humid... I should have checked my setting before committing on my good boards.  My first two boards were totally screwed up until I got the plane adjusted just so.
I forgot how finicky small molding planes can be, took me two mangled boards before I got it right.
That is supposed to be a bead??

You would have think I could have used a scrap piece first , but NOOOO...
Workmanship of risk or what ?  :-)

No biggie, I resurrected one of my previous board that I had rejected and cut its bead and small chamfer, one fixed.
For the end board, recut the 1/2 half lap wider to erase the screw up.

 I then planed down that tongue back to 1/2 in wide. Then I cut the bead.

Finally, glued a piece at the other end, since being the end piece it only has a half lap on one edge.

In the end, I decided to put a bead and a small bevel on one edge, and paint them same colour as the cabinet. So while that board is cooking, I can start painting my back boards.

I also changed my mind about the holders. I can not see a reason for ever wanting to change them in the future.

Nonetheless, it is still better to secured them from the back thru the back rails.
They would be more secured and it would be more difficult to cause a break at the kerf lines. Pre-drilling help too.
Would also look better and be a cleaner installation.

But to do that I must first make and install my final kerf pieces, as determine by my experiments.

So, my backboards wont go on until I install my final holders screwed in from the back of the back rails.
And that wont happen until I make them...

Earlier today,  managed to cut the grass, obviously I got more sun than I thought cause it has affected my judgement while using my moulding plane. That's my story I'm sticking to it! :-)

Bob, reaching for a cold one...


  1. Have an extra one to calm your nerves. I also think my planes are set from the last time and I have yet to not get bit on the ass.

  2. You would think that I learned that lesson years ago, but apparently it did not stick...
    Thanks for the advice on another one, Ill do that :-)