Thursday, June 4, 2015

On this wall...

Now that I am quickly running out of room on this wall, I started to scope the remaining spaces.

The wall with the built-in bench is really ugly and by happenstance stores lots of stuff while wasting lots of spaces, even with the built in shelving's.

 Built-in shelving's, hummm... that gives me an idea.
I have long been torn between the need to store and display properly some of my tools, in order to safeguard them and be able to enjoy looking at them. But at the same time, these are more than object of art, they are real to goodness tools, which I enjoyed using.

Ran the idea by my wife and she quickly agreed, being relieved that she wont have to have them on display in the dining room :-)

Great, so I threw in the idea of adding LEDs lighting to enjoy the experience even more, and she just laughed, so I'll take that as a yes, and just do it!

Great idea, the best of both world. I get to admire these tools, and still enjoy using them in my shop, perfect!

But then, I figured, may as well get Round Tuit and finish my dovetails :-)

With large pieces it is a lot easier to hold the boards correctly 
using a special Bessey corner clamps. The back lite help me line up the edges

Cut the same as the other part (the tails) then used 
the Fret saw to remove most of the waste

And suddenly it was beer-thirty so that's were I stop

Then, still sipping my cold beverage, I thought, why not make a board about the same size as my sharpening board to hold my mitre boxes.

Said platforms with the mitre boxes attached could then be stored on the wall adjacent to my saw till, just have to re-arranged the existing shelving's

So I checked and all three fit that size board great, so I'll just make three and mount my miter boxes on them.
Craftsman 881-36301

Stanley MB 60

Stanley No 150

I first tried them on the temporary sharpening station cabinet, it fit great (of course) but it is too low for me. I really have to bend my wrist in an uncomfortable position, and slouch over the box. Not good.

Next I tried on top of my bench. Not a bad height, I like it. And that size board can be easily captured by 4 holdfast holes around it. One is plenty, but if I really want to weld it to the bench...I can!

Now the only thing is, it take a lot of room on the bench.
If I had a long, say, 8 ft bench, it would not be a problem, but on this small 4 ft joinery bench, it is.
Perhaps a dedicated saw station??

Bob, having just added two or three more projects to my never ending list...

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