Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy 4th of July to my Americans readers and neighbours

Independence day, not the movie of the same name with Will Smith :-)

On July 4, 1776, the Continental Congress approved the Declaration of Independence, setting the 13 colonies on the road to freedom as a sovereign nation, which would becomes today the United States of America.

The White house, so called because we burned it during the war of 1812 and it was subsequently repainted white to hide the burns marks.
Sorry, hope every thing is forgiven "-)

Not much to report on the home front. Still working on my friend bathroom and finalizing my plans for my upcoming laundry room relocation, which I intend to start soon, after the old friends reunion I'm planing to host here in Greenwood on the week end of the 18th July.

Back in the mid 70s after the official language act was passed in Canada (one of Trudeau's legacy) there was plans to make a French Language Unit (FLU) here at CFB Greenwood, so there was a lot of us Francophone service men and women send here in preparation. Being a numerous and youthful bunch, we hung around and formed lasting friendship.

Me back in the days, working on the ASV21 a British search radar set on 
 the Canadair CP107 Argus MkII. The MKI had the American APS20 search radar. This was a hot bench in the radar shop, the antenna is on my right and we used to fired the radar in sector scan out of the window. I would later developed cancer in my right kidney, coincidences? 

There was FLUs (CF unit were French is the official working language) established throughout the Canadian Forces, but Greenwood did not became home to one of them.
The Army has the Royal 22 ieme Regiment, the famed Vandoos R22R, based in Valcartier Qc.
The Navy has a French ship, the NCSM (HMCS) Ville de Quebec, based in Halifax NS.
And the Airforce has 425 ETAC (Escadrille Tactique de Combat (Tactical Fighter Squadron) based in Bagotville Qc, which I served in.

Adjudant Maitre (Adjum) is french for Master Warrant officer (MWO)

About 11 years ago we reconnected and have been hosting reunion every so often. This year it was decided to hold it here in Greenwood were it all began.
So I'm going to be kinda busy for a little while.

The 2004 reunion gang
The 2011 reunion gang

Sadly we lost a few thru the years, but we keep in touch, having formed long lasting friendship bonds from our service time in Greenwood, back in the days.

Bob, looking forward to this year reunion.


  1. If you like a bilingual blog :
    Plenty of ideas but it is a "powertool" user.

  2. Thanks Sylvain
    There another bilingual one I follow Click on language button on RHS it will take you to his French blog, L'gosseux de bois. Lots of great videos