Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Built in display storage for the Man cave

Having had the bright idea to display some of my more collectible tools inside these open spaces on the wall by the built-in bench, time to figured out how I am going to do that.

First off, the existing built-in are pretty crude and their spacing's uneven.

My starting dimensions are the space between the existing studs, I am not moving them...
I tried the tools I had in mind, and I can see how they would fit inside the space.

No, I am not telling you yet, which tools I have in mind. You will simply have to bite your nails until the final reveal... maybe :-)

I also want to add some low voltage LED lights, probably of the tape kind, so must make provision for the wiring involved. Why the LEDs? Because when I told her, she thought it was a great idea!
Well something like that, I don't remember her exact words :-)
When you read this post dear, just nod and say yes :-)

Well that and the fact that LEDs are energy efficient and produces little to no heat... Perfect thing to protect your artifacts :-)

In my cleaning, I came across this unused, leftover 
set of LED Puck lights. So may as well used them!
Package is empty, already put the lights up...

I just thought it would look cool, so why not indulged, it is a part of my Man cave after all.  And since it is both for display and to be able to use them,
I want some sort of removable or opening glass door on theses spaces.

Since then, I also came across an article about displaying older cameras. Years ago, when I was single, I was collecting cameras, I have a sizable collection.  I gave and sold a few thru the years, but still have a "few" left :-)
So maybe I will put some in there too.
These poor guys have been stored in boxes for a long time, I would be nice to see them again. Much like my tools and why I currently stored my tools in custom tills, I want to be able to see them. That and it would be a good occasion to culled my collection, we are still downsizing you know...
Says the guy with the wife who started to collect sewing machines :-)

So lets figured out our size dimensions, available to play with...
Approx 27 in high X 14-1/2 in wide and 2-1/2 in deep (depth of studs)

Measured and drilled clearance holes for the wiring and connectors of the puck lights, then tried them.

Yes, that should work just fine.

Once I cleaned up these areas (3 of them), I prep them for paint with putty, then gave the areas a coat of white primer.

And then secured the puck lights in place.

I am happy with that result so far.

I still need to make some sort of trim to clean up the appearance and make new bottom shelves with some melamine stock I have. That is why I left the temporary shelves in place and did not paint them. The bottoms of these three spaces is uneven right now, that would be fixed also. I thought I should paint the background glossy white, but I kinda like the muted texture effects of the chipboard background, it gives it some texture.

I am still undecided if I want to make an enclosed display space (glass doors) but I know I could used a few shelves in there to maximize my storage potential.
These shelves would have to be glass (to transmit as much light as possible) and be adjustable since I plan on doing rotating exhibits in there :-)

NO, I'm not too worry about dust, this is a hand tool shop.

Now I got some ideas about some pictures and stuff I want to use as background decoration. This is going to be fun!

I currently have no glass shelves, so I am experimenting
 with wooden boxes.

These shots are with no other lights on in the shop.
Recognized the tools? 

And with the shop lites on...Also LEDs of course :-)

I am really excited about these preliminaries results.  Who says you cannot decorate your shop? Since I spend lots of time down there, may as well make it a fun and inviting place to be.  Earlier this year I remodel my small bathroom downstairs, adjacent to the shop and there is also a built in bar downstairs with a wall mounted small fridge, where I keep my beers cold :-)
That bar area is scheduled for an overhaul, once I finish moving the laundry room upstairs...

My newly redone bathroom besides my shop.
And in case you wondered, yes she had "inputs" in the design :-)

There is also a storage area. 
I was going to keep the accent wood wall natural, but she wants me to paint it.
I'll get "round TUIT" sometimes...

I will have to show you the final results later, I am a tad busy with reunions and stuff... And in case you wondered, yes, the clothes bar is up ... in the right spot!

Bob, the Man cave remodeler feeling giddy :-)


  1. Hello Bob,
    I wish I would have so much energy to remodel my workspace. It is urgently necessary and I know that it would be much better to work there afterwards, But man I fear the effort.
    The display is great. And the icing on the cake is the Buck Rogers poster :-)
    Rotating exhibitions is a great idea too. Maybe I can spend a pencil for this.
    Don't you fear about your cameras? Even if you have a hand tools shop it will be still dusty, or?

    Talk soon,

  2. HI Stefan (Finally spell your name correctly! :-)
    I'm having fun setting up my shop, yes its a lot of work, but being retired it keeps me occupied and out of trouble :-)
    I will probably put doors down the road, but for now it will do, I have more pressing things to do, that was just a quick trial.
    Worry about dust? Not really, although, yes the cameras should be protected, but they are now simple decorating objects and since I plan on rotating my exhibits, they will be regularly dusted. You may have noticed the Oscillating Spindle Sander currently on that bench. A friend came yesterday in my shop to use it on a canoe paddle he is fixing, hooked up to my shop vac, it did not generated much dust.
    It's only in there now because I used it to make the cut out on my plane tills dividers.

    Regardless of the amount of work required a well organized and attractive shop is a pleasure to work in. I made do far too long in "disarrayed, cluttered" shops